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Link up with other businesses.

Working for yourself can be very satisfying and comes with a lot of positives. Even the thought of starting up a new business idea can be exciting but sometimes when it comes to rally customers the excitement can quickly wain into feeling defeated. Yet, it doesn't need to!

If you surround yourself with other business people, entrepreneurs and startups then you're able to build confidence, share ideas and services that support one another, either by using services or sending customers to a relevant business you come across. This won't only build your OWN business but will support the growth of OTHER businesses too.

Filling the gaps of knowledge between businesses is part of the recipe for success, you help each other draw clients or even become clients and your networks increase and grow very quickly. If anyone would like to give a mini TEDtalks to the group or a presentation about their business I'm happy to create a space for that to happen or maybe a simple cocktail party so people will mix and exchange business cards.

If you're not located in the local area then there's also the possibility to use online facilities to connect, so nothing is out of reach.

This group is open to established businesses as well as people thinking of starting a business or retired business people who have a heap of knowledge to share.

The meetup hopes to connect people and businesses so this organic process can begin and success can be accomplished by everyone. Join up and meet new people you never know where it will take you or your business.

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