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This group is for anyone who is interested in Apache Cassandra™ (https://www.datastax.com/why-datastax/apache-cassandra), Spark, GraphDB, Web, CLI, or other application development, and DataStax topics. All interest and expertise levels are welcome.

Learn the latest in the world of big data storage from developers, engineers, architects, designers, administrators, and more.

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We’re passionate about Apache Cassandra, Spark, Solr/Lucene, TinkerPop, Gremlin, Graph, Docker, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Redis, Netflix OSS, and all things big distributed data.


This Meetup is powered by the data lovers at DataStax, major contributors to the Apache Cassandra project and creators of DataStax Enterprise (DSE).

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Dealing with Fireworks in Cassandra PLUS a Certification Giveaway!! ✅

Come and help us kick off our winter Meetup series, starting on the 5th November at Runway East Moorgate. As always, enjoy an informal setting to hear from other data professionals who are exploring or using the Cassandra database in their daily work as well as other Big Data technologies. Expect the usual - pizza, beer, networking and SWAG! To kick start our winter series, we will also be offering attendees the chance to win 5 Cassandra Certification Vouchers normally priced at £300! You will need to attend to be in with a chance of winning. ------- Running order: 📅Tuesday 5th November 6:00-6:30pm - Pizza, beers, networking and SWAG! 6:30pm-7:00pm - Talk 1 - Patrick Stanton 7:00pm-7:30pm - Talk 2 - Carlos Rolo 7:30pm onwards - Close and discussions ------- 🗣️ Talk 1: Triumphs and Challenges of Enterprise Systems, Patrick Stanton "What ideally does the technical requirements of a core system in finance look like, and what are the challenges, especially in capital markets? See how the requirements have shifted in recent years and how to unlock the power of DataStax in meeting these challenges." Covering topics such as: ✅ Complex disparate data ✅ ACID requirements ✅ Realtime complex processing ✅ Distributed queries Patrick has 20+ years of experience building core capital market systems and is also the co-founder of Cyoda, who deliver Next-Generation Digital Technology for Investment Banks. ------- 🗣️ Talk 2: Day to day with Cassandra: Operator war stories! Carlos Rolo "Every Cassandra operator has been hit with a couple of weird/complex cases that don't fit the normal expected failure situation. It can be a problem in hardware, software, networking, operator mistakes, or a mix of it all. In this talk I will go through a compilation of such a case and how it was debugged and solved!" Carlos Rolo is an OpenSource Consultant at Pythian. Former Cassandra MVP and has deep expertise with distributed architecture technologies. He has become known and trusted by his peers for his ability to understand complex problems and for working well under pressure. He prides himself on being a tenacious problem solver while remaining a calm and positive presence on any team.

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