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What we're about

We are single men and women who want to expand our network, fellowship with one another on a social level, and learn about each other's experiences as we live and share in this stage of our life, living out our Christian faith

I hope to run a variety of different meetups that encourage getting to know all the members in different settings, including:

- Fortnightly meetups that are interactive and inclusive, discussing a topic of interest related to being a Christian single in this time and age.

- Social outings including dinners, ice-skating, picnics, fun and games, tennis, outdoor adventures, themed parties...

- Special guest speakers on relevant topics

As well as promote and attend/serve at externally organised events together eg. CMS Summer School, Easter Convention, volunteering and missions, evangelism and outreach, SMBC Hot Topics, Alpha course, Croydon Summer Club...

I want the focus to be on running the Christian race and building community so that each member can have a home and family in this group to journey this phase of life with, as opposed to just a Christian dating meetup.

To sum up...

I'm hopeful that this will be an exciting place to pursue an undivided devotion to the Lord, while having lots of fun and building great relationships in an atmosphere that fosters spiritual growth!

In the world's eyes, being single can be viewed as a bad thing, but the Bible paints a much more meaningful picture of this station on life! It is a time to grow our faith and serve God with all of our hearts.

Join us as we celebrate and seize this special time in our life together!

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