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Profit From Presenting Workshop
Dear ambitious business owner, Would you like to know with certainty how to grow your business in 2018? If you're a coach, consultant or professional service-based business and you're trying to get more clients, you’ve probably run into the same problems I did... * Who are my ideal clients? * How do I get in front of them? * How do I have them invest in my services and programs? People are busy and bombarded with marketing and sales messages every day... can be a challenge to keep up online. So how do you stand out and get people to pay attention? There are so many experts out there giving advice on how to grow your business and the to-do list can be overwhelming... * You've been told you need to build marketing funnels and automation systems * You must create countless lead magnets, presentations, sales pitches and products * You've tried Facebook or Google ads, but lost money and still didn't get any clients * You feel frustrated trying to decide whether to invest time in Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Blogging, Videos...... * You've been to many seminars, webinars and read countless articles, but can't seem to piece it all together and make it work for you... I felt exactly the same way when I was trying to build my business. There’s a huge problem with these approaches… 1) They all take lots of time 2) Lots of money 3) Lots of technical know-how I was wasting time and feeling exhausted because I was missing ONE valuable strategy. Presenting. Presenting allows you to sign up clients straight away (within ONE day, or even just 2 hours!) Which is when everything changed for me! This seemingly unfair advantage seemed to be the path that my competitors were either completely unaware of or were simply not willing to take! So even though public speaking was one of my biggest fears, once I saw the benefits and advantages of workshops, I wanted to go all in... I decided to overcome the fear and invested in learning everything I could about speaking. Through the process, I went from being nervous and introverted to feeling fully confident speaking to groups of any size. Once I had applied it successfully on my own business - I packaged it up into an easy-to-follow, step-by-step process that I now teach to others. Once you know the rarely-utilised marketing strategy of presenting, it becomes your new secret advantage to getting clients. You'll receive not only the ingredients - but the exact 'profit from presenting' recipe, to make it fail-proof! After this workshop, you'll know exactly how to run your own successful workshops. Here's What You'll Learn In This Powerful 1-Day Workshop: • The 7 Pillars to Profit From Presenting • The specific shifts you need to make to move from FEAR to CONFIDENCE when speaking to groups • Uncover your UNIQUE presentation style and use it to INSPIRE people to take action • AVOID the 8 biggest mistakes that MOST speakers make, that switches off their audience • Worried about people not turning up? All you need is this simple 3-step system • The words you should never use at a workshop (I used to use them until I found out a better way!) • A powerful visualisation technique that Olympians use to give their BEST performance • What to do if you have no idea what to share at your workshop • The exact methods to INFLUENCE people to your ideas, without coming across as pushy or arrogant • How to come across as more CREDIBILE, in order to create desire for what you are offering • How to CRAFT your talks to lower resistance in your audience At this workshop, you will not only be learning but you'll be GETTING STUFF DONE! It’s time to take action... and stop being an entrepreneur who hears, but does little or nothing with the information they have... ...but rather make this workshop your defining moment of 2018! These workshops sell out fast! Ticket includes lunch, snacks and a workbook. Click below to save your seat now!

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high-achievers and leaders

Have you ever set a goal, but not achieved it? Do you feel really motivated sometimes, but then other times lose momentum?

If you know there's more for you, but struggle to get clarity on your next steps - this group is for you.

Discover some of the most powerful strategies to achieve your goals and dreams by learning effective and empowering goal achievement and mindset tools.

If we haven't met before, I'm Kat Millar, I help people to perform at their best. I've coached people from all walks of life, specialising in helping entrepreneurs and people who are passionate to make a difference in the world and increase their influence and impact.

This Meetup group is for anyone who is ready to take their life to the next level. It’s for you if you are feeling frustrated and would like more clarity, direction, or want to increase your motivation and progress towards the life you want.

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