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What we’re about

Are you pulling your hair out? Overwhelmed with your to-do list? Unsure of where you’re going in your business? Perhaps your wanting to connect with like-minded women? or are you just wanting some space to get away from your day to day and have a laugh or two? 
Then this coffee catch up and networking event will be the exact tonic you need.
Since 2017 we’ve been creating a community of amazing and diverse business women, quickly becoming the best place in Brisbane to connect, laugh, share experiences, network and feel supported 
(oh and coffee!! Did I mention coffee??) 
We don’t take ourselves too seriously either. The atmosphere is super chill, with no set agenda, and no speakers. It's just us getting to know YOU, looking to see how we might help and support each other in business.
But, let me assure you, we’re not here waste a minute of your time. We know it’s valuable. 
You’ll leave each meeting with new connections, a fresh perspective, a lesson learnt, or an idea planted, but guaranteed, whatever you take away, it will benefit your business, and have you motivated into the month ahead. You'll love it!!
In a nutshell our central aim is to provide support, education, motivation and friendship.
So come on, step away from the computer for a morning and connect with others and just relax for a while.
We all get it, you need to let off steam. It’s not a sin - Common Grounds is a real buzz! 
Enjoy with us, our monthly meetup. Join our community of other inspiring and incredibly interesting women and share their boundless knowledge and experiences that they look to share - with YOU!!


“Thank you for the insightful morning yesterday. It was very helpful. Am working on it right now. Still eluding me but I know I will come up with something. It is so nice to have feedback from like-minded, supportive women.”
- Jane L

“ Brilliant group - fabulous leaders. Very well facilitated and organised. Fabulous energy and variety of industries represented.” - Mary W
“ I met some lovely women today and enjoyed the format of the meetup - hands on education mixed with socializing. ” – Deborah K

“Huge thank you for our session this morning. It was awesome! So much brain power and light bulb moments. Love your work. “ – Suzanne Mc

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