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Do you crave greater financial abundance, but lack confidence in where (or how) to invest? Do you ever feel held-back by others (e.g. family, friends, co-workers, or even just the news on TV!), who seem to always point out the negatives and deflate your enthusiasm towards investing for your future? Imagine the difference it could make, if you were part of a supportive group of enthusiastic investors... And consider how powerful this would be, when you get to know others in the group who have also experienced exactly the same fears, concerns and negativity, but have overcome this and gone on to achieve amazing results! "Community Investment Club" was created to give anyone who is interested in investing an opportunity to meet with like-minded people... Our goal is to learn from each other's real-life experiences (both the good and the bad!), gaining valuable knowledge and increasing our awareness and faith in what we can achieve. If you feel that there's more to life than your current financial situation (regardless of how it may look right now), I encourage you to join us soon at an upcoming Meetup. You'll have a chance to meet with people from various walks of life who all have the common goal of wanting to grow financially and a desire to boost each other's confidence in what's possible... Now aren't these the sort of people you should be spending time with?

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