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ConnectCareers is a online Job Search Platform that connects the contract provider industry with professional career contractors, who thrive in the Transformed World of Work.

Through the ConnectCareers website, Recruiters and Organisations that require contingent labour are able to advertise the roles they are needing to fill and connect directly with job seekers looking for their next opportunity.

Supported by an expert operational team and a strong board of advisors whom bring over 30 years of proficiency in Recruitment, Human Resources, Marketing & Sales, Law and Psychology/Wellbeing, is quickly being recognised as the platform of choice for contracting labour requirements.

Over the last 7 years, the time it takes to fill an advertised contract position in Australia has increased by 50%. The team at ConnectCareers has identified the demand to provide clients with the services needed through a digital, highly accessible, and easy to use environment. The platform has been designed to be highly engaging for the candidate and the contract provider.

ConnectCareers is also a supporter of the RCSA, Independent Contractors Association and Corporate Charity provider to the Cancer Council of Australia.

This Meet Up group aims to bring together Contract Seekers and Contract Providers together in a social environment where the opportunity to meet in a non-pressured environment exists, where friendly conversations can occur, exploring both professional connections and personal friendships.

These series of Meet Up groups will be run through out the year to keep the momentum going as we at ConnectCareers believe quality connections are made for the mutual benefit of both the Contract Seeker and Contract Provider in different environments, not just in an interview style arena.

We look forward to Meeting Up and Connecting with you!!

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