What we're about

As human beings, we never stop communicating. We communicate with our words, our voice, the tone, volume and projection, with our bodies, our eyes and face, our stance and gestures, and with our energy, our emotions and state. We outwardly will speak over 870 million words in our lifetime! Now imagine how many words we say to our selves added on top of that?

Lets first break down the meaning of the words “Consciousness” and “Mindfulness” as we then apply this to the skill of communication.

Consciousness is what allows us to be conscious of anything, and every waking moment in life. With out consciousness there is nothing - just complete emptiness. Our “Conscious” mind is logical, rational and analytical, while our “Sub-conscious” mind is illogical, irrational and non-analytical. We are only fully conscious when “self” comes to mind.

Mindfulness is a particular degree and strength of awareness, this gives you a sense of being in charge of your mind. It provides the clarity and presence in the moment to “choose” and “focus” your thoughts and direct your energy. It is not enough to simply bring “consciousness” (awareness) of how you communicate, we need “mindfulness” to take it to the next level, to become present in the moment to change and shift our own way, to break free from our habitual patterns, to not be “had” by the environment, and have the freedom to choose our response.

That is “Conscious and Mindful Communication”. We can apply this to leadership of self and others to uncover your most authentic leadership style.

This group is for those seeking to become the best version of themselves. Events are both free and paid and range from networking, skills based, workshops, breakfast keynote speeches and monthly facilitated discussions on various leadership topics. Welcome, and looking forward to getting to know you and meeting you all soon! Cheers

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