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Post the GFC or ‘Great Recession’ back in 2008, there has been an emerging hope for a new economic model (often called the ‘new economy’ or 'solidarity economy') where 'social enterprises’ are being created, and new investment strategies are being pioneered that blend both social and financial returns for the common good.

There is a need to explore and reflect on all of this rapid change; to workshop new ideas and cooperatively facilitate new forms of enterprise.

The CoopWorkshop has been designed to provide Workshoppers (members) with - you guessed it - workshops to build up the social enterprise sector in communities. Areas of key interest are:

The new economy, and environmental sustainability

Co-operative, employee-owned and mutual forms of social enterprise.

In 2008 this initiative was established with the support of a range of friends - including Earthworker and Borderlands Co-operatives and the Culture and Context Unit of the Uniting Church.

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