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We have a wonderful creative space in Adamstown, where we hold regular meetups / workshops for interesting technology such as Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Internet of Things, 3D Printing, and a bunch of other fun (interesting) stuff!

Head on down and level up your skills, we'll help you build glorious DIY projects and learn new things.

We're an online educational electronics retail store for stuff such as Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Our educational workshops are located at our offices Unit 18, 132 Garden Grove Parade, Adamstown, 2289, NSW


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Workshop: Raspberry Pi Beginners (Learn to Code & Prototype Circuits)

Bookings are essential https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-beginners-workshop.html Ages 12 to infinity! We're incredibly excited to be able to offer a Raspberry Pi Workshop right here in Newcastle. In this workshop, we'll introduce you to the wonderful world that is Raspberry Pi. We'll take a look at the different ways it can be used, how to install operating systems, how to code with Python and interface with real-world hardware to control the world around you. You will use our own Raspberry Pi's and hardware, there is no "take home" gear (you're welcome to buy stuff afterward if you like). Our workshops will empower you with a range of skills to kickstart your next Raspberry Pi project. You will get hands-on with the latest Raspberry Pi hardware, setup a development environment (using our LCDs / keyboards and mice) and learn to code/interface with other hardware. Again, bookings are essential https://core-electronics.com.au/raspberry-pi-beginners-workshop.html

Workshop: Laser Cutting: Learn How To and Get Tips from Makers

Bookings are essential https://core-electronics.com.au/workshops/laser-cutting-learn-how-to-and-get-tips-from-makers.html You betcha this is a laser cutting workshop! In this workshop, we'll take you through the background of laser cutting, offload lots of experience and show you first hand how to laser cut different materials. This is a fun and interesting workshop that we're sure all makers would enjoy (both new and seasoned). We have complete workstations for each person, including electronics hardware. There is no need to bring your own laptop, just head down and get ready to learn! Again, bookings are essential https://core-electronics.com.au/workshops/laser-cutting-learn-how-to-and-get-tips-from-makers.html

LoRa & The Things Network (TTN) Workshop

Core Electronics

Bookings are essential https://core-electronics.com.au/lora-the-things-network-ttn-workshop.html By the end of this workshop, you'll have a firm understanding of LoRa from a makers perspective and have created a node that is connected to the "The Things Network" (TTN) which sends data into the cloud. Some of the topics covered in our LoRa workshop: - What is LoRa and how it fits into IoT - LoRa implementation methods - What is "The Things Network" (TTN) - How to setup an application on TTN - How to build a node (device) which connects to TTN via LoRa - How to monitor LoRa traffic data - How to use the LoRa console to manage your applications & devices This is a hands-on workshop. All of the gear is provided so you can physically write code and send data to the cloud. There is no need to bring your own laptop, just head down and get ready to learn! Again, bookings are essential https://core-electronics.com.au/lora-the-things-network-ttn-workshop.html

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