What we're about

Creative Collab (CC) is a real opportunity for you to create, collaborate, learn, teach, share, take control and be creative. We do also have the occasional traditional workshops (TW) where someone shows you how they set up the shot and you get to take one too.


To make more photographic opportunities available to all artists from amateur to pro.


By working together, we lower costs to access opportunities while teaching and learning from each other.

We try to optimise the flow by assisting each other and taking turns on a time basis. The more people work together, share their skills, time or even equipment the cheaper it becomes and the more variation in images we can generate. It is a delicate balance between having enough people on set and having too many and it varies from person to person how much creativity time they need or want. Make no mistake, it will be busy, it will be quick, you will get tired, but you will learn and walk away with your own shots that you created. Our biggest expense is location, equipment and prop hire, if you can help with these it would be appreciated.

Do's and Don'ts

Do share this group.

Do check your language when posting.

Do put your hand up for organizing an event.

Do post or share images you created as inspiration.

Don't advertise your product or service by posting a link to your page.

Don't be a troll.

Past Events

Harbour Sunrise

Sydney Tall Ships

Total Lunar Eclipse

Needs a location

Capture the Birds

Bird Hide, Sydney Olympic Park

Shoot the Shipwreck

SS Ayrfield Shipwreck

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