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These talks, panel discussions and workshops will cover a range of topics of related to tech, education, entrepreneurship and culture and of interest to the NYC tech and startup communities.

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MLOps NYC Conference - Where Science Meets Reality! Special Meetup-discount!

Wow, this is not going to be just another data science conference about algorithms! The MLOps NYC conference is a full day about managing and automating machine learning pipelines, in order to bring data science into business applications. Presentations will be about bringing data science into business applications through a wide range of related topics such as AI in business apps, ML model training at scale, Kubeflow, MLSpec, MLflow, serverless in machine learning and using GPUs to accelerate training. Registration is required to attend, REGISTER Now on Meetup at: http://www.NYCSQL.com/events/264725517/ MLOps NYC will bring industry leaders together from companies like Netflix, Twitter, Uber, Spotify, Google, Microsoft and Walmart, as well as international data scientists and engineers. Get 10% off by registering through the NYC NoSQL & NewSQL Meetup group: http://www.NYCSQL.com/events/264725517/

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