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An evening of software development lightning talks for the entire development community.

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November DDD by Night

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It's DDD but *lightning*. The evening will be hosted by the DDD Melbourne crew and consists of short & sharp presentations of ten minutes in length on a dev related subject. This will be an online event. Link will be posted closer to the event - SwiftUI and Firebase Peter Friese @peterfriese At DDD By Night September, Sam gave an introduction to SwiftUI, which allows developers to build better app on Apple's platforms, faster. Firebase aims at making developers live's easier by providing a great set of services that relieve you from the burden of re-inventing the wheel. In this talk, I'm going to show how to build data-driven SwiftUI applications that uses Cloud Firestore to store data. You will learn: - how to architect your SwiftUI app so both its local and remote state stay in sync in real time - how to use Firebase Authentication to give users a great out-of-the-box experience without having to sign in first - and how to implement Sign in with Apple using FirebaseUI - Little Snakes? An intro to MicroPython! Matt Trentini @matt_trentini MicroPython brings a productive, high-level language to the embedded domain. This talk will give an overview of what MicroPython is and why it's important - as well as take a brief look at a handful of cool and interesting devices that can run this pint-sized development framework. Beginners to the embedded domain. Some - any! - software experience will be helpful but not necessary. Primary target: Anyone who's ever wanted to make a little electronics thing *do something* but doesn't know how. - What are Digital Twins? Melissa Houghton @meliss_houghton Digital Twins change how we use IoT and bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. They turn your Island of Things into an Internet of Things. I want to share insights on the exciting opportunities Digital Twins provides and the technology that enables it. - SvelteJS: A brief intro into this framework Carlo Cruz A brief showcase of what SvelteJS is capable of - Let’s give our users some treats with little efforts Yas @yashints Browser APIs have come a long way and not many people know about it. Let’s review a few and see what’s possible today to make users’ life easier. - The evening will be hosted by the DDD Melbourne crew. https://www.dddmelbourne.com/ - CODE OF CONDUCT All DDD events are subject to the DDD Code of Conduct available at https://www.dddmelbourne.com/code-of-conduct/ -

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