DDD By Night May 2019 @ A Cloud Guru

DDD Melbourne By Night
DDD Melbourne By Night
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What we'll do

Warm up for DDD 2019 with DDD By Night in May. It's DDD but *lightning*.

The evening will be hosted by the DDD Melbourne crew and consists of short & sharp presentations of ten minutes in length on a dev related subject.


Creating Website Status Updates for the Blind, the Bold and the Beautiful
Ross Mullen
If you were blind, do you think you could understand a websites status messages? Probably not, successfully saving an update, validation errors or timeouts would all be in an unreachable mess of DIV and SPAN elements invisible to screen readers. But it doesn't need to be this way, newly updated web accessibility standards have a specific technique for making status messages visible to screen readers. I'll show you how several small additions have a big impact and make your status messages standout for all.

Yaser Adel Mehraban
WebAssembly's post MVP future
There are some misconceptions out there on WebAssembly. Most people think it is what landed in the browsers in 2017 which is not true. WebAssembly is designed to be backward compatible, therefore your old code will run just fine far into future. However, that doesn’t mean that WebAssembly is feature complete. In this talk we will see some features which are coming into WebAssembly which fundamentally alter what you can do with it. We go through an intro into what it is, what it is capable of and where not to use it.

The last commit is only a beginning
Nelli Lovchikova
The real-life story of a piece of software that was delivered on time, but was a complete failure and how we took control over the situation and turn it into success by introducing real-time monitoring, improved logging, and other tweaks.

Building an Augmented Reality experience in your web browser
Timothy Dang
Using current web technologies, we can quickly build a fun AR (Augmented Reality) experience right in your web browser in just a few lines of code. We can attempt to push the boundaries of your web browser and see what can be achieved using AR and web-based 3D renderings with WebGL


Machine Learning with the FastAI Library Image classification using deep learning.
Akanksha Malik
The talk will be a start to end demonstration of how to create an image classification model using python using the FastAI library.

Seeing Code as Art
Leon Sutedja
In day to day basis, as programmers, we write many lines of code. We constantly require to maintain the balance between cost, time, quality and flexibility. How do we stop just writing code, and start being an artist? what does it mean to be an artist in our profession, and start looking from a different perspective? Why is code can be considered an art? and what does it mean for us? These are the questions that we would like to try to answer in this small talk.

Volunteering at Computer Science in Schools
Michele Playfair
In late January, I saw a post on LinkedIn calling out for a last-minute replacement volunteer for the "CS In Schools" program. Knowing pretty much nothing about it, I figured I would give it a crack and we volunteers have just completed the first ever term of this program! This talk will tell you what it's all about and how YOU can help.

The Anthropology of Testing
Michel Boudreau
Let's travel through History and learn about the testing paradigms of the past to the current selection of tools and talk about what the future holds for testing.







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