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This is a group for anyone interested in 'Data Science'. We are not quite sure what the exact definition of a Data Scientist is, but if you deal with something generally related to converting data into useful insight then you will hopefully benefit from joining the group.

Whether you’re in business, academia, or government, and whether you’re an analyst, data miner, programmer, student, electrical engineer, computer scientist, physicist, etc, and you work with data to generate insights, build predictive models, build optimisation models, build reports/dashboards/visualisations, automate analyses, etc, using python, R, SQL, C/C+, Java, Tableau, Excel, Hadoop, etc, and you care about doing it right, efficiently, repetitively, optimally, visually, etc, then join us!

We meet every 6 weeks or so with normally 2 talks, one being of a technical nature. The evening is also for networking over beer and pizza and afterwards we normally continue the discussions down the pub.

*due to demand, we now have morning and lunchtime meetups.

The size of the group means we are reliant on our sponsors to put our events on. Please support them in return:

University of Melbourne
Bachelor of Science majoring in Data Science- https://study.unimelb.edu.au/find/courses/major/data-science/
Master of Data Science - https://study.unimelb.edu.au/find/courses/graduate/master-of-data-science/

La Trobe University - Master of Data Science

Monash Energy Institute

Upcoming events (2)

Future-Proofing Your Data Platforms

Online event

THIS IS AN EXTERNAL EVENT, register here: https://hubs.li/Q010_fkq0

As organisations have come to recognise that data is the lifeblood of the business, the trend has been for data platforms to become the core systems for the organisation. This puts data leaders under increasing pressure to ensure that their data platforms are measuring up!

Are you confident that your data platform is providing the business with reliable, quality data to enable business decisions? Are your data platforms measuring up?

Key discussion themes will be:

How to enable business users the right access to trusted data and the right insights they need to achieve business value. Using more agile and organised approaches to data pipelines and data management will support the growth of your self-service ecosystem.

Build an engine that offers you crucial visibility across all data pipelines for continuous monitoring and alerting. Optimise your orchestration and automation processes to ensure you can model for your innovation pipelines

DataGovOps allows organisations to remain agile in defining who accesses data, what kind of access is appropriate and how to utilise data to maximise its value. Industrialise data preparation and storage across the enterprise to deliver the right data – to people, tools, and platforms.

Our expert guests also explore how DataOps brings reliability and quality to your systems through monitoring and visibility. It orchestrates the access, transformation, modelling, visualisation, and governance of your data. From ingestion right through to consumption, DataOps can be leveraged to reduce the end-to-end cycle time of data analytics, from the origin of ideas to the literal creation of charts, graphs and models that create value. Discover how data leaders are leveraging people, processes and harnessing technology and automation to achieve the flexibility and scalability they need from their data platforms.

Advancing AI

Crown Promenade Melbourne

THIS IS AN IN-PERSON EVENT. Take advantage of our Early Bird holiday offer and secure your spot here: https://hubs.li/Q010_fqZ0

Whether you’re looking to leverage AI to optimise the customer experience, reduce risk, or to improve business operations, this event underpins the core elements crucial to moving your company’s AI strategy forward. This two-day event will guide you through the critical checklist, provide advice from those realising the value and demonstrate how to turn opportunity into adoption.

Data Futurology’s second annual event addresses how to scale and achieve ROI on your AI. The right approach, tools, expertise, and processes are required to create scalable data pipelines to meet long-term AI goals. Many organisations are struggling to productionalise models, develop and execute an AI roadmap. At Advancing AI you’ll be joined by those leading the way and hear war stories and learnings on how to start off, support projects, scale, bridge the talent gap, connect platforms and processes and effectively govern AI to have a positive impact.

Past Events

Successfully Scaling AI with MLOps

Online event

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