• Conversational AI & Making Money in Data Science with Prashant & Nic

    RMIT University - Building 80

    Timings: Arrive from 5:30. 5:45 (ish) - Prashant 6:30 (ish) - Nic After party with our speakers at the Oxford Scholar public house, which is conveniently situated next door. Join us for an evening with Nic Ryan & Prashant Natarajan. Nic is one of the most influential data scientists in Australia and named a LinkedIin top voice for data science and analytics for 2018. Nic will discuss, 1) How you can get started in data science 2) How you can leverage social media to build a brand and become nerd famous 3) How you can make money as a data science consultant 4) Where are the gaps in the market right now 5) Where are the future opportunities https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicryandataguy/ https://www.datafriends.rocks/about https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/linkedin-top-voices-2018-data-science-analytics-lorenzetti-soper/ https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/nic-ryan-answers-mohammad-hasnain-rajan/ Prashant is a Principal in Analytics & AI at Deloitte Consulting. He has been building data & analytics products and solutions for the last couple of decades at H2O.ai, Oracle, and Siemens. He is a best-selling author and co-faculty instructor at Stanford University. Prashant will discuss natural language processing in conversational A.I. https://www.linkedin.com/in/natarpr/ https://www.datafuturology.com/podcast/2019/8/13/intersections-analytics-ai-linguistics-culture-prashant-natarajan-principal-ai-analytics

  • connect 2.0

    RMIT University Swanston Academic Building

    Note: this event is not being organised by DSM, so you will need to register at: https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/connect-20-tickets-68749265905 RMIT Discipline of Analytics and Statistics & Operations Research presents Connect 2.0 on Monday, 2nd September. Connect is an amalgamation of thoughts and ideas centred around data science, analytics, industry trends and career paths. It brings together students, alumni, academia and industry professionals on one platform. Listen to these passionate speakers as they talk about dimensionality-reduction, bridging the gap between humans and machines, the data scientist impostor syndrome, cracking your first data scientist job and more. You will get a chance to network and socialise with like-minded individuals, takeaway a tip or two around possible career paths as a data scientist and feel a little less lost. Speakers lined up for this episode of Connect are: Dr. Haydar Demirhan (Lecturer of Analytics at the School of Science, RMIT) will be talking about Principal Component Analysis and how scientists captured the first Image of a Black Hole using this method. Evie Gizem Eker (Analyst at The Social Research Centre) will share her experience about women in STEM. Jonathan Scanlan (Data Science Communicator & Optimization Specialist), will take us through the challenges in getting data analytics adopted.Including stakeholder management, miscommunication and practical realities. Maya Dere (Data Science Consultant at Deloitte Consulting) will share her story and challenges as an international student in cracking the Australian job market. Shane Smith (Data Scientist at The Social Research Centre) will share the tips and tricks in dealing with the data scientist impostor syndrome within us.

  • Analytics in the FMCG space


    Note: There is a strict capacity at this event so it is strictly first in best dressed. Schedule. 5:15pm - 6:00 pm, join us for a drink in the CUB Bar. Note the bar capacity is 200, so it's first in best dressed. 6:00pm, talks in the presentation room This evening will highlight the role analytics can and does play in FMCG companies. We will share some success stories of how analytics and data science have shaped our businesses, and the opportunities that will be unlocked with advanced analytics over the coming years. Steven Bean, Head of Category Revenue and Pricing, Modelez International 'https://www.linkedin.com/in/steven-bean-72614552/ Jordan Heginbottom, Head of Commercial Planning and Performance, Kraft Heinz https://www.linkedin.com/in/jordan-heginbottom-cpa-98860532/ Christine Smythe, Associate Director Commercial Analytics, Carlton and United Breweries https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-christine-smyth-b93748140/

  • Melbourne Datathon Hackday

    RMIT University Swanston Academic Building

    The Hackday will be on Sat 17th August at RMIT. see the datathon web page for the full info: http://www.datasciencemelbourne.com/datathon Arrival Welcome to the 2019 Melbourne Datathon hackday @ RMIT Building 80 Some key info: We have been allocated the following rooms. The room number syntax is building.level.room [capacity] Level 2 (this is street level from Swanston St)[masked] [60] Level 3 (up the escalator from street level) Lunch and team forming will take place here. [masked] [60][masked] [90] Overflow rooms[masked] [120][masked] [48][masked] [60],[masked] [48] The presentations will take place in the big lecture theatre accessible from levels 2 & 3 [masked]) WI-FI network = RMIT-Guest event code =[masked] To be kept informed of datathon events, RSVP for the datathon sign up event at https://www.meetup.com/Data-Science-Melbourne/events/263375973/ . This sign up event is not an actual event - it's just a way for us to send emails via meetup to everyone registered (so be sure to make sure your meetup settings are set to get the meetup messages)

  • Datathon Social (team forming and kickoff)

    RMIT Building 14

    We're kicking off the Melbourne Datathon on Wednesday 14th What we will do is have a bit of a social so those looking to form a team can find team mates. We'll also be introducing this years data and challenges (these will be repeated on the hackday and included online, so you won't miss anything if you can't attend). Note the data will not be made available until Thursday 15th and will be online, so no need to bring your laptop. http://www.datasciencemelbourne.com/datathon Feel free to come and say hello from 5pm. Pizza will arrive at about 5:45 and we'll have some introductions about 6ish. It's very close to Aldi, so drop a note in the comments if you have a request for your favourite Aldi beer or wine.

  • Putting the Rhythm into Algorithms and Artificial into Intelligence

    Schedule from 5:30 - sign in at the concierge and a Belong team member will take you up in the lift. Grab a drink from the fridge 5:40 - pizza will hopefully arrive 6:00 - welcome & talk 1 - Phil Brierley 6:45 - break 7:00 - talk 2 - Ed Barker Ever wondered how machine learning algorithms work? From linear regression to reinforcement learning, we'll have a Smörgåsbord on offer. Talk 1 Phil Brierley https://www.linkedin.com/in/philbrierley/ Phil will demonstrate the family tree of algorithms from linear regression to neural nets and tree based methods, and how they all can be enhanced with tricks such as bagging and boosting. It will be the long promised prequel to.... https://youtu.be/1fIyQL9FiAk Talk 2 Ed Barker https://www.linkedin.com/in/edward-barker-8a5588114/ Ed will give an overview of Reinforcement Learning... (1) A brief introduction to RL, covering the core concepts and some of the original algorithms from the 80s/90s; (2) A summary of some of the latest stuff being done by Google DeepMind which uses deep RL (in particular AlphaGo Zero, and their Atari and Quake III playing agents); and, (3) Some of the potential commercial applications of RL.

  • Diversity in Data - How data shapes the world

    KPMG Australia

    The following event is being organised by KPMG so you will need to sign up on their registration page at... https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/diversity-in-data-how-data-shapes-the-world-tickets-65878296759 Data related disciplines; machine learning to data engineering, robotics and more, continually reshape the world we live in. In a field that reinvents today and builds up tomorrow, it is more crucial than ever that everyone has a voice. Diversity in Data aims to celebrate the achievements and voices of the individuals within these fields. Our latest event in the Diversity in Data series, “How data shapes the world”, is coming this August. In a world where algorithms decide who gets a home loan, what we see on Facebook and YouTube and even what news we should be reading, the juggle between instant connectivity and constant tracking is impacting our daily lives and our privacy. As Artificial Intelligence is learning both the good and the bad from our past selves, we take a step back and explore how data really is shaping the world. How it impacts our society and what key benefits and red flags data professionals need to look out for when trying to build a better and more diverse future. Join us on Tuesday, 6th August 2019 at 6pm for talks from a number of highly regarded data practitioners from various sectors and backgrounds to celebrate and advocate for diversity in data. Our speakers Kopal Kapoor Technology Lawyer at CSIRO's Data 61 Professor Dianne Cook Professor of Econometrics and Business Statistics at Monash University Prashant Khanna Partner in Data & Analytics at KPMG

  • Quantum Computing Explained

    717 Bourke St

    Join us for a gentle introduction to Quantum Computing. There will be 4 x 20 minute talks on different aspects of quantum computing and a joint Q&A at the end. The speakers are: Sarah MacLeod The nuts & bolts of quantum computing https://www.linkedin.com/in/sarah-mac/ Ayesha Ahmed The Secrets of Quantum Programs https://www.linkedin.com/in/ayesha-m-ahmed/ Christopher Watkins Quantum Value: A revised hype level https://www.linkedin.com/in/christopher-watkins-63464b86/ Noon Silk The Landscape of Quantum AI https://www.linkedin.com/in/noonsilk/ Arrive from 5:30 for refreshments, talks will commence at 6pm. PLEASE NOTE: For building safety regulations you will have to sign in on the ground floor so we will be providing a list of names. Please make sure your meetup name is your real name - those that don't have a real name will be removed from the RSVP list.

  • DSM is 5 years old!


    It's our 5th birthday party, join us for some cake. This will be quite a fun and different type of evening. You'll have to turn up to find out more! what you need to know... Arrive after work from 5:30 - use your Data Science skills to find us! Make sure you write yourself a name badge - the pens and labels will be in the corridor just outside the event space Grab a beer from the bar or soft drinks from the fridge (which is in the kitchen) Say hello to someone Pizza will be arriving at 5:45. It's 50% vegetarian Leave you birthday presents by the bar - thanks in advance ;-) The proceedings will commence @ 6pm Before you arrive... Getting twitter on your phone might come in handy. Tag us using @DataScienceMelb with fun pictures of the evening We will be having a collection for charity - so please bring a gold coin. Before you go.... Please help us tidy up by putting all can & bottles and other rubbish in the bins. We might crack on to a bar for the after party.

  • Breakfast Event - 'The Pitfalls of Data Science'

    KPMG Australia

    At this breakfast event we'll be hearing from seasoned practitioners about their experience's on how data science can go wrong. Specifically in; a) model building b) communicating c) managing teams 7:45 - breakfast 8:00 - talks commence Sandra Hogan - Operationalising Data Science How can you make sure that the outputs of your hard work as a Data Scientist are valued by the business? How many times have you developed a strong predictive model but it never quite reaches the people who can extract value from it? In this chat, we will touch on some challenges organisations face in operationalising data science outputs, why and how things go wrong. We will also discuss some activities that can help to mitigate the issues and increase the likelihood of a successful outcome https://www.linkedin.com/in/sandra-hogan-9409421/ Els Godecharle - Data Science Communication As Data Scientists we often start our careers with a quantitative background. We are trained to solve problems by thinking logically and to communicate the details of our work in the same way. However, when we communicate with non-technical audiences this approach doesn’t always resonate. The aim of this talk is to help you increase the impact of your work through effective communication. https://www.linkedin.com/in/elsgodecharle/ Michael Brand - Pitfalls of Analytics Statistical modelling is an error-prone endeavour. Mistakes are easy to make and hard to detect. For over a decade now, Michael Brand has been running regular peer reviews for data science projects, and almost without exception these reviews uncovered serious issues that required major revision to the analysis. In this talk, Michael will recount some of the more dazzling blunders he caught over the years. More importantly, he will demonstrate that these are not one-off, unpredictable human errors; rather, they are a direct result of the standard practices of data science, standard practices that in recent years have only been getting worse. Michael will discuss what each of us can do, individually, to avoid falling into the cognitive traps, and what we can do together, as a community, to shift to better standard practices https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-brand-b230736/