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Attention Business Owners and Entrepreneurs: If you’re wanting to raise your profile, increase online sales and get exposure and it hasn’t worked, then you need to come to the Digital Marketer Meetup. Not only will you access the best marketing tools, but you will network with high-quality action takers and movers and shakers in the business.

Each Digital Marketer Meetup is different, so you will learn:

• How to create your Digital Marketing strategy with little to no money down.

• What basic tools you need to get your Digital Marketing started.

• Learn what is and how to easily create the main elements of an effective Digital Marketing strategy, such as Landing Pages, Lead Magnets, and Tripwires.

• How to easily find new customers, and how to hold on to them.

• How to use Social Media effectively rather than waste money on expensive FBAds

• How to create revenue-generating FB Ads

• How Instagram for Business works

• Learning the digital marketer's secrets that internet marketing experts don’t want you to know because it will create too much competition for them!

Who Should Attend

Business Owners, Startups, Entrepreneurs, Coaches, Digital Marketing Newbies and Experts and those of you who are finally ready to make your side-hustle your main job!

Send us a message if there is a particular subject you believe would be worth discussing in our meetups and we will find the relevant subject expert to present.

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