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LA Startups is a group dedicated to bringing downtown Los Angeles entrepreneurs, start-ups, and existing small business owners together to network and to support one another. Having been someone who started my own business in an apartment in downtown, there is difficulty in finding support and networking opportunities for downtown LAers as we're usually transplanted here from elsewhere with the hopes and dreams of making it big in the big city. We aim to host events that benefit start-ups (with a primary focus on tech and ecommerce); from helping people properly register their business or incorporate, to learning how to promote and grow your business. We also hope to get together all of our like-minded downtown individuals for co-founder networking, idea generation and critiquing, and other casual events. Keep checking back for event updates!

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LA's Largest Tech Startup, Business & Entrepreneur Professional Networking Mixer

This is the largest networking event for Entrepreneurs , Startups and Business Professionals. MUST RSVP THROUGH EVENTBRITE TO ATTEND https://bit.ly/2lApE2S Calling All: Tech Startups! Entrepreneurs ! Artists ! Professionals ! Free-lancers, Thinkers, Game-Changers, and Heroes! Are you looking for co-founders, partners, coaches or core team members for your start-up? Please join us for an evening of creativity, inspiration and passionate conversations. MUST RSVP THROUGH EVENTBRITE TO ATTEND https://bit.ly/2lApE2S Ambiance: - Name Tags will be provided to everyone who attends.We request you put your name and industry on your name tag. - Make sure you bring enough business cards. - The dress code is Business Casual. MUST RSVP THROUGH EVENTBRITE TO ATTEND https://bit.ly/2lApE2S Timings: - Event is from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM.***Arriving on time recommended. Support The Space: Since the venue is lets us use the space for the event, please support them buy ordering (one mandatory) beverages and food. ***As alcoholic drinks are served at this venue, all attendees must be 21+.*** MUST RSVP THROUGH EVENTBRITE TO ATTEND https://bit.ly/2lApE2S

AWE NITE LA: Immersive Technology for Location Based Entertainment

Please make sure to complete RSVP on Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/awe-nite-la-immersive-technology-for-location-based-entertainment-tickets-74878713247 Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are very competitive industries mainly from a technological standpoint. Yet, designing and having VR/AR for location-based entertainment is competitive at a new level. That require factors for building and designing products and experiences outside the VR/AR for the enterprise and most consumer markets. This will be focused mainly on what is needed for VR/AR experiences to make from an economical, operational, and strategic level for location-based entertainment. MEET OUR MODERATOR Paul Rock, Co-Founder of Another Reality Paul Rock is founder of the AWE LA chapter, and currently owns Another Reality located in Toronto, ON. Paul started in the Virtual Reality industry while living in Los Angeles. Another Reality is a high-tech arcade combining traditional games with robotics, VR, AR, and projections. In addition, they have an after-school program called ARcademy focused on teaching regular people how to create games, and a school for creating things in VR called ARt Studio. MEET OUR PANEL Brent Bushnell, Co-Founder of Two Bit Circus Brent Bushnell is the co-founder of Two Bit Circus which is a 38,000 sq ft micro-amusement park located in Los Angeles. Brent Bushnell will be discussing and sharing his insight about what is important for picking the right content and experiences for Two Bit Circus from a quality, operational, and economical standpoint. Joanna Popper, Head of Location Based Entertainment at HP Joanna Popper is head of Location Based Entertainment at HP. Joanna will be sharing her insight gathered from serving VR companies that make VR content for LBE, while also sharing insight about what she has learned from VR arcades that use HP hardware to power non-wired VR experiences. Robyn Janz, Technical Project Manager at Igloo Vision Robyn Janz is a technical project manager at Igloo Vision. Igloo is famous for it's 360 spherical domes often seen at museums, conferences, shopping malls, and entertainment venues. Robyn Janz will discuss what is needed from a technical standpoint and how to make a product serving customers using their product to inform while entertain customers. Micah Jackson, Founder of Esqapes Micah Jackson, Founder of Esqapes Micah Jackson is founder of Esqapes. Esqapes has been praised by tech publications such as Mashable. Esqapes is a unique spa that uses Virtual Reality technology to provide experiences that are meant for relaxation. Micah Jackson will discuss ways in which to design his experience for non-tech people while also describing what is needed to make Esqapes a relaxation experience that cannot be replicated by conventional spas.

Rules of Investment- Sponsored by Online Trading Academy

Online Trading Academy - Los Angeles Westwood

All you ever needed to know about investments and more! Sponsored by Online Trading Academy Topics covered include: Most costly mistakes made by investors Retail traders vs. financial institutions True cost of retirement investments How market mechanics really work (vs. fundamental & technical analysis)

Arts District-Creative and Tech Professionals Meetup at Two Bit Circus!

LA is a big city with so many great people to network with. But how valuable is it to be in a city with great networking opportunities if you don't get out and network. And this spot is an amazing little gem in the Arts District to hang out! Let's all meet at Two Bit Circus for networking while exploring the latest and greatest VR entertainment to hit the Los Angeles area and possibly the greatest in the US. We will be hanging out near the center bar at the first floor next to the LED tree and the robotic bartender (yeah I really said that, this place is crazy cool). Please help rsvp a ticket on Eventbrite (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/la-creative-and-tech-professionals-meetup-tickets-56387690099). The ticket system helps us keep track of attendance and also helps support the LA startups and creative tech professional groups up, which do other professional networking events even outside of meetup in the area. You are still welcome to go to Two Bit Circus at the Meetup of course. The idea for this mixer is there will be tech folks or other interested people who are there to mingle and network with other creatives and tech professionals. And whenever they feel like relaxing they can go explore the arcade and check out the VR! Please email Paul if you have questions at [masked]. We are also looking for sponsors! Parking can be found early on at the actual game bar's lot (although it fills quickly) or on Parkopedia for paid lots nearby, along with street parking. Although Ubering is also a nice alternative coming here, as it is a little sketchy downtown and safety is our #1 concern, especially going home after enjoying the libations from the bar. Check good spots here: https://www.spotangels.com/#parking-near=634-Mateo-Street-Los-Angeles-California-90021-United-States-of-America https://en.parkopedia.com/parking/garage/1262_e_palmetto_st/90013/los_angeles/?arriving=201908061800&leaving=201908062200 This is a multi-meetup group for content creators, tech entrepreneurs, and innovators as well as any locals interested in getting out and networking in a fun way!

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