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Are you a professional with a STEMM background (science, technology, engineering, medicine & maths) who now lives in Australia? Is English your second language? Are you finding it difficult to develop networks that can help you explore various career pathways, and then help you actually get that job?

We work with migrants with STEMM backgrounds for whom English is a second language, and who are finding it difficult to get a job in their fields. Establishing rapport and learning how to connect with others are key to making it in Australia. If you cannot speak confidently to create these important bonds, the bright future you crave can seem out of reach.

But how do you create those connections?

We believe that effective, confident communication is the foundation for creating professional networks, opening new career pathways so you can eventually get that job. We are offering a series of five workshops that will take you, step by step, on a communication journey for your career destination. We do this by offering different skills, targeted for the needs of people who are new to Australia with STEMM skills.

This workshop series has been officially endorsed by the Royal Society of Victoria: all workshops will be held at the Society's premises, at 8 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, every Wednesday evening, 6:30 – 8:30 pm, starting 11 October, ending 8 November. All participants who complete the 5 workshops will receive an RSV Certificate of Completion.


This 5-workshop series is comprehensive, spanning communication, pronunciation, speaking and writing to support your job hunt. Workshops 1, 2 and 3 provide the foundation skills for communicating about yourself and networking. We will give you the communication skills you need to both learn how to listen to others in order to gain rapport, as well as to learn to introduce yourself in a way that could create important networks of people for you. Workshop 3 will discuss how you can then learn to think outside the box to actually start creating these networks. Workshop 4 will offer you tools to improve your pronunciation and how you speak English overall. In Workshop 5, we will focus on your cover letter and CV writing skills.

Workshop #1 (11th October) will teach you how to build those important connections you need to develop your network. This includes learning the 'art of establishing rapport', the foundation for all relationships. If you cannot create a connection with others, based on shared values or interests, the rest of your networking efforts will fall on indifferent ears. You will be doing many role plays to help you develop your rapport-building skills.

Workshop #2 (18th October) will take the skills that you have learned in the first workshop and teach you to directly apply this ability so that you can effectively speak about what you have to offer. You will be crafting your own “elevator pitch” that will attract others to you. Remember: It’s your story. Get it right.

Workshop #3 (25th October): Our goal is to motivate you in being creative in forging powerful new connections for your professional network. Through this exploratory workshop you will learn how to find opportunities through meeting different individuals and joining various groups.

Workshop #4 (1 November ): Research has shown that, even more than inaccurate pronunciation, poor use of vocal stress and intonation can make people want to tune out what you are saying…it’s called “aural fatigue”. In this workshop, we will focus on not just the individual sounds that might cause you difficulty, but we will give you vocal tools you need to make people stand up and pay attention when you speak.

Workshop #5 (11th November): To cap off this series, workshop #5 will focus on specific writing tips that can help you with your CV and cover letter. (Depending upon participants’ needs, we can also do job interview role plays).

These workshops can be taken individually, or as an entire series.
Cost: $25 per individual workshop or $20 per workshop series ($100 total).

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The facilitators:

Amy Rashap, Ph.D., has been a communications coach for the past 15 years, both in Singapore and Australia. She has coached public speaking, business English, and accent reduction to business executives, university lecturers and scientists. She is presently working as a communications coach in Australia with refugee and migrant organisations and is also a scientific editor and writer for the Earth Observatory of Singapore (of Nanyang Technological University). She has her own business, Eloquent English ( http://www.eloquentenglish.com ).

Ann Woelk, MSW, MPS, works for the Royal Society (RSV) of Victoria as an Engagement and Projects Officer. She has thirty years’ experience working in community development, particularly focused on culturally and ethnically diverse communities. She just completed the Migrant Science Communicators project at the RSV this past July.

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