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Do you have a business idea? Or you dream about innovating a new product? This hub is for people who want to learn and share their knowledge about start-ups, businesses, entrepreneurship and innovation and new trends in the market and of course the most important one is to have FUN! We gather in different awesome places in Melbourne to meet, chat and socialize and also increase our knowledge... Don't miss the chance to be one of us!

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Innovation Toolkit, understanding elements of innovation and their importance

These days, innovation is a buzzword that many brands are using to promote and grow their businesses. For a select few, the type of innovation employed provides a unique value proposition that makes them stand out from competitors. Yet many other businesses’ do not know how to direct their innovation efforts to succeed. What makes some businesses innovation efforts successful, whilst others fall by the wayside? At our event, Understanding an Innovation Toolkit: The Key to a Successful Business, we’ll discuss: What is innovation? What is innovation intelligence? Why organisations and businesses need innovation? Introduction to some innovation tools

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