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Women in Conversation provides Personal and Professional Empowering Sessions for those seeking change in their lives.

This group is open to all who seek fulfilment in areas of life they are currently dissatisfied with and are interested in successfully creating changes or want work-life balance strategies, confidence, positive mindset and mentoring.

We are a growing community of women that gather and feel safe to explore our dreams, seek support, and grow personally and professionally. The group brings heart-centered women together to help one another gain the courage and skills needed to live a life that's filled with passion and purpose.

We welcome you to join us.

In collaboration, Jasmina and Nancy are the organisers.

Hi, I’m Nancy, founder of Thrive at Work, a consulting and coaching practice helping ambitious and highly motivated women break down the barriers stopping them from achieving success in their career or business.

As a former senior leader with many years building, mentoring and coaching successful teams and individuals in some of Australia’s big corporates, I have come to believe that the key to being unstoppable at work, or in business, is to deeply know yourself, show up at your best, then take the best next step. And that’s what I focus my work around.


Hi I’m Jasmina, founder of Life Spectrum, a coaching practice. I believe that all people can live the empowered life and do what they love and that what is my goal and mission. To empower ambitious and highly motivated women to regain control of life and providing you with tools and strategies so that you can be the creator of your life.

I am an empath and I am deeply intuitive, allowing me to communicate powerful insights with people to support them to create awareness find their truth so they can live authentically, with balance in all areas of life.

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