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Female ENTREPRENEURS is a space where you come to

-- Get Inspired and Empowered

-- Turn your Ideas into Reality and

-- Build a Successful Business, Living a Life you LOVE.

Every single one of us has the ability to achieve great things....we are all Ordinary Women, here to create EXTRA- Ordinary things!!!

Lets be DARING, Courageous and DISRUPTIVE - - Listen to your Intuition and Give Priority to your Passion!

"If you CAN, you should and if you're brave enough to start, you WILL" - Stephen King

The Entrepreneurial Journey can be challenging, so let's come together and create some AWESOME Vibrations!!! Here is Your OPPORTUNITY to get INSPIRED, Share, Create and Build RELATIONSHIPS with Like Minded SPIRITED Women, GROW and have Lots Of FUN in the Process.

Want to be a SPIRITED Woman?

JOIN us!!! You will enJOY it!

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From Stuck to UNSTOPPABLE!

MLK Espresso Cafe & Bar

From Struggling To Unstoppable In 3 Hours Or Less The brand new Live Event, August 1st, 2019 that will open the doors to a new way of being... Yes! “I'm ready to have it all, the partner, happy kids, booming business & sanity. I’m after peace of mind, love, fun & support. I want to stop juggling balls & second guessing myself!” https://claritycards.com.au/claritypassion Act NOW and gain access to all the tools you need at this brand new live event "From Struggling To Unstoppable," which includes: - Discover How To Stop Speaking To Yourself With That Negative Mind Talk - What Tools You Can Use To Access All The Answers Within - How To Find And Maintain That Balance We All Want - Gives You Specific Steps And Tools To Create Work, Life Balance & Passion - Effortlessly Discover How To Finally Turn Your Business, Work And Life Around With Ease And Grace By Releasing Baggage On The Fly - Quickly Deal With Stress And Keep It From Affecting Your Relationships - Escape The Trap Of Bringing Work Home With You And Ruining Your Family Time When you act NOW, you also get to become part of the Clarity Tribe $48 Off For Being An Early Bird If one of the first 6 I will be chosen for a 1 on 1 session with the facilitator, Kerrie Mercel! Click Here to Register NOW, Claim Your Seat! https://claritycards.com.au/claritypassion To Your Success!!!

'Toxic Relationships' and how they are holding you back in life and business

The impacts of toxic relationships on Business Success! Why are we allowing people in our lives to hurt us? - Do you feel there are toxic relationships holding you back in your life? - Are some relationships keeping you stuck? - Do you feel blocked by the 'shit' in your personal life? The truth is, our relationships affect our lifestyle choices! They affect our physical health and wellbeing, our mindset and mental health, our dietary choices AND our business success!!! - So, are you walking around with a flashing beacon on your head, or is it them........? - How do we work out our TRUE Boundaries and start to live by them? Jacinta Callaghan is a leading nutritional doctor, lecturer, speaker and Emotional Health practitioner. Her passion is to help others embrace the reality of optimum health. Educating for clear boundary setting is one of her HOT topics and this morning she will share with you: - 'Your' 5 Golden Rules for boundary setting! - Effective tools to make change happen - The power of Observe, Analyse, Learn, Change, Play, Change & Repeat! - Effective personal journaling to create change in your Life! Get READY to remove the TOXIC people for Your Business Success!

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How to be the HERO in Your Own Life!

Wildernis Cafe & Bar


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