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Frankfurt Data Science is a group for aspiring and experienced data scientists interested in shaping next generation analytics and pushing fast forward local analytics ecosystem.

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Webinar: Workflow and Deep Learning Models for Automatic Summarization

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Ana Oliveira is a Head of AI at Konfuzio with a background in computer vision. Currently, Ana combines her knowledge with NLP to create solutions that help processes' automation and enrich the extracted information.

Ben Trevett is a Ph.D. student at Heriot-Watt University, researching machine learning applied to automatic grading of programming language assignments. In his free time, he creates tutorials on NLP and PyTorch.

The amount of information grows exponentially. In most cases, we need to know just a few pieces of relevant content. However, it can take ages to find them.

Can data science help? Yup, it does. In this webinar, Ana and Ben will show how to use DL models to summarize the information in a document -- going from the detection of relevant elements on each page to performing the summarization itself. By covering the extraction of elements within a PDF document and performing automatic summarization on the text within that document. They will demonstrate the entire workflow, from performing OCR, using a Mask R-CNN to extract the individual elements, and then finally, applying the PEGASUS model for automatic summarization.

Thank you to SAS|www.sas.com/de_de for supporting this event.

## REGISTER HERE: https://bit.ly/3uwSjFa

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Webinar: Data Science for (Gender) Equality

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