What we're about

It's about meeting in a cafe, having some food, drinking coffee and doing some light philosophy...Sometimes it's heavier !

Anyone can join. You don't have to be a university scholar.

However, philosophy is not just a collection of personal musing , it requires rigorous thought even if it is expressed amusingly.

We cover all branches of philosophy from aesthetics and ethics to logic, physics(natural philosophy) and metaphysics.

We currently attract around 25-30 people a month. We started in 2000, the first public philocafe in WA!

The subject of the evening is often given a preamble and then divided into several topics, usually 10.

The meetings are structured so all participants have an opportunity to express a view.

Each member will have an allocated time.

We ask members to ensure all conversations are civil, elevated and informed.

We will also publicise public lectures, films or plays which we believe may have philosophical themes.


With us, you cannot just click and join.

We require all interested, to first drop in to a session as a visitor .

If you are shy, you can bring a friend or two.

You should email the convenor of the session as a courtesy to advise you are coming.

If our sessions appeal to you, then we welcome your application.

We request a passport style photo of yourself on your profile page. We'd like to be able to spot you at a session , especially if you are a fresh member.

Meetup is about meeting like minded people and making friends. If you are already a member of over 20 other Meetup groups, how likely is it that you will frequent our discussions?

After you join, you must attend a meeting within 6 months. From then on , you must attend at least one event per year to retain your membership. We will delete your membership if you do not.


Courtesy is a moral issue for us - we are after all a Philosophy Café (https://www.meetup.com/FreoCafePhilo/) !

If you can no longer attend a session, please withdraw on the event page. We do not wish to mistakenly wait and look out for you. If an emergency occurs and you can not withdraw in time, please tender an apology to the event organiser within 48 hours.

Usually 3 NO SHOWS will result in banishment ! It can be fewer !


We do not have a compulsory joining fee. However because we live in the material world, we incur costs.

As of 2017 we pay US$180 per annum for our website to Meetup.com in New York City.

We also have other expenses in organising events.

We suggest you donate $2 at every event to which you attend.

This will not cover all our costs but it will help.

We also accept gold, silver, precious stones etc :-)
Incidentally, there is no way we can make a profit or a business out of our group.

Crash Course philosophy;


Logic :

http:// https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp9SjZkc6bw

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