What we're about

Your life's pretty good right now? You live a healthy, active lifestyle, you're happy with your job or business and you enjoy life?
However, there's just one thing missing for complete happiness - a partner / family to share your experiences with?

This group is for girls and guys who struggle to find a partner in an environment that is dominated by alcohol and junk food.
This group is for guys and girls who don't meet many people of the opposite sex at work or at their usual leisure activities.
This group is for girls and guys who want to start a family, but are missing one important component - a partner.
This group is also for guys and girls who might have found someone special, but are looking for cool activities to do together.

We want to have fun together and meet people in a relaxed environment.
When we come together, we'll be active in some form, and we'll also provide the opportunity to get to know each other.

There were a few questions about the age range. Although not officially restricted to that age group, activities will mostly be targeted at people in their 20s and 30s.

Past Events

Picnic in New Farm Park

New Farm Park Rotunda

Dinner social night - let's celebrate!


Movie: The Greatest Showman

Southbank Cineplex

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