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Geek.Zone is for geeks of all kinds to meet, make friends and participate in fun activities. We plan events of all kinds, including board game nights, movie nights, Sci-fi/Fantasy events, maker events, and Social meetups, so we're pretty sure we've got something for every geek out there!

Geek.Zone/Coventry is the place to meet geeks in Coventry and the West Midlands!

Geek.Zone/Coventry is part of the Geek.Zone community. Once you have been to 5 events, we ask that you join Geek.Zone so that you can enjoy being part of everything that it has to offer. Membership is just £1 so get involved! Head to http://Geek.Zone/Join and get your Cloud or Space Membership!

We often have joint events with the other Geek.Zone Districts in Chelmsford & London. You will always have the chance to meet awesome new geeks.

So if you are a geeky peep and want to have fun with other great geeks, jump in! If you like what your Geek.Zone does, please support it generously.

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Upcoming events (5+)

2D Parlour: RPG, Card & Board Game All Day Extravaganza

Do you fancy trying a new board, RPG or card game? Got one that you can't wait to play with others? How about one you have never heard of? At the 2D Parlour, we have more games than you can shake a D20 at! Held on the third Saturday of every month, 2D Parlour is a great opportunity to discover new games as well as new friends. It runs all day so that you can drop in for as long as you want or play a longer game uninterrupted. Need a break? You are just across the road from all your favourite food outlets! Seen a game that you think you might like but want to give it a go? Include its title with your RSVP and Forbidden Planet will endeavour to procure it for you! Will you conquer the world, throw the most poo or perhaps be the most convincing spy? Come to the 2D Parlour and find out!

LDT Meeting: Helping Geek.Zone to Level Up

Sprinkles Gelato Coventry

The Geek.Zone "Let's Do This", or "LDT", team are the ones that get Geek.Zone's "behind-the-scenes" jobs done. They help to make sure that everything can run smoothly, so that everyone can have a great time at events! More details on the LDT team can be found at; http://Geek.Zone/LDT If you just like attending the events, then no worries! However, if you love our Geek.Zone and would like to do a little extra to help our community and build our Geek.Zone, come along! We currently organise everything through Trello. Take a look and see what is going on! http://trello.com/geekzone The agenda and minutes are published on the LDT Meetings board; https://trello.com/b/9KUmw5bm If you would prefer to join online, just hit our Google Meet https://meet.google.com/fhm-gztb-aej Once the LDT meeting has finished, we often go out for something fun, like a movie or ice cream.

Cinema Invasion

Showcase Cinema

Come to Showcase Cinema in Coventry for your chance to see the latest future classic! Years from now, you might tell your grandchildren, "I went to see that when it first came out!" We meet at the Costa Coffee for a drink and a chat, before we all head in together. Make sure you get one day of UK travel insurance from CompareTheMarket.com for ~£2, as this gives you a whole year of buy-one-get-one-free movie tickets!

Pint Night: Drinks, Grub, Games & Great Friends!

The Flying Standard

Join us in a celebration of reaching the end of the week for geektastic times out in Cov! We will be eating, drinking, chatting, playing games, doing the occasional a bit of planning of future GeekZone events AND most importantly HAVING FUN! Eating: Food is served until 11PM with a few good offers including selected meals 2 for £8.29 and. check out their food menu! https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/food/menu?pub=74504c12d98d45aeb598df07a6ec1c9b Drinking: Drinks are served until midnight with another 20 minutes until they kick you out giving a bit of time to finish it. they have a few good offers including selected drinks 3 for £5. check out their drinks menu https://www.jdwetherspoon.com/drink/menu?pub=74504c12d98d45aeb598df07a6ec1c9b Chatting: The people at GeekZone have a variety of geeky interests so you are sure to find someone with similar geeky interests to yourself to chat with, but you're perfectly free to discuss non-geeky subjects too! Games: We enjoy playing a few games, feel free to bring your own along. one of our members(James Webb) usually brings along a couple of bags of games and is happy to bring in games requested from their collection (Link to their collection) (https://boardgamegeek.com/collection/user/letmelogon3?own=1&subtype=boardgame&ff=1). Future GeekZone events: if you have an idea for a future GeekZone event this is the perfect opportunity to do some planning and discuss it with other members of the group as you will find many of the active GeekZone members at the weekly pint night. GeekZone relies on donations to fund the activities it carries out such as equipment for retro games(console) night and having a group on MeetUp isn't free either so if you would like to help out GeekZone please go to Geek.Zone/support and make a donation.

Past Events

Pint Night: Drinks, Grub, Games & Great Friends!

The Flying Standard

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