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You are invited to attend to Inspire yourself and Unleash your creative spirit within!

Glenn Westmore - The Pop-Up Creativity Workshop Series!

Come along to meet Glenn Westmore a quirky inventor, ‘puzzelist’ and creative mathematician who is passionate about bringing creative and innovative ideas to life!

About - The Workshop Craze

This workshop series will engage you as you discover and boost your hidden creative flair whilst uncovering skills which together form your creativity at it’s most simplest, in ways never seen before!


Glenn brings Creativity to life in a practical and engaging way, provoking curiosity and then a sense of wonder and joy. You will find yourself looking and thinking at puzzles in a completely different way!!

Who is Glenn?

Come Along and Meet Glenn !! Glenn is looking forward to meeting you to answer any questions that you may have about creativity, maths and how you can inspire yourself and others to unleash your untapped creativity.

“My special interest is in inspiring Creativity. I feel that “Creative Passion” is contagious and that if you can embody it in everything that you do, then some of it is bound to rub off onto others”

"My mind is overflowing with multiple ways to tap into & boost your Creativity”

“I have developed numerous creative puzzles and games including an exciting game app with another to follow shortly... I would love to share this energy with all of you!"

Come along, it will be great to meet you!

:) Glenn

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