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An Adelaide-based community for anyone interested in the Go programming language.

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Golang Adelaide Meetup - September 2019


This time again the event is hosted and sponsored by HappyCo. --- Here are the talks: Talk 1: Transitioning from Ruby to Golang: How to approach switching from magical to concrete languages. Brittney Hodson from HappyCo The transition from a web app-centric language/framework like Ruby and Ruby on Rails to Golang can be daunting. Going from a language where class methods are included by default, variables are dynamic, pointers are an unknown concept, and iteration happens with a magical each statement — to a compiled at run-time, statically typed programming language with interfaces, pointers, and concurrency can make you feel like you don't even know what programming is. But with some basic guidelines and a lot of practice, it is a fun and worthwhile transition. Talk 2: JSON encoding/decoding just got better with dbxtypes. Pavi Sidhu & Pierre Dumuid from Resolution Systems A quick overview of dbxtypes (library developed @ResSys) to handle JSON encoding/decoding, query parameters and Postgresql interactions. --- Schedule: 6:00 Guests and speakers arrive + welcome drinks 6:30 The talks begin + the doors to HappyCo are shut 7:30 Snacks, drinks, networking 8:30 Wrap up --- As we'll need an attendance list for security purposes, please sign up with your full name, thanks. Please note this is an 18+ event.

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Golang Adelaide Meetup - August 2019


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