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Hey Guys
This is a meetup group to play the card game 'The Werewolves of Millers Hollow".
This group is for people who love, or who'd like to learn how to play the card game "The Werewolves of Millers Hollow"
This card game is based on the ever-so-popular "Mafia" card game. The spin-off adds more character-cards to the game, so more fun for the participants. This game challenges the players to have fun with their creativity-thinking, logical-thinking, communication skills etc.
For clarification, to make it simpler to begin with, the game will start with 9 people - 3 werewolves, 3 ordinary townsfolk, 1 seer/fortune teller, 1 witch and 1 hunter. We may add more character-cards depending on the demand.
If you search werewolves of miller's hollow on wikipedia, it will give you a quick rundown of the game. But as we'll start with just 9 cards, the game is much simpler than that. We will explain the game each time as well, so just come along!!

**狼人殺遊戲 - 九人組
歡迎各位狼人殺喜好者加入 一起玩
三個狼人 三個村民 一個預言家 一個女巫 一個獵人
玩法可以參照 娛樂百分百的狼人殺 (但是我們先沒有騎士)

Gameplay (reference: wikipaedia):
9 cards are shuffled (3 werewolves, 3 townsfolk, 1 seer/fortune teller, 1 witch, 1 hunter) and each player picks one card. each player then looks at their card without showing anyone. A Moderator will then start the game:
The game then takes place in 2 parts:
- Night: all players - close their eyes. The Moderator calls the werewolves. The werewolves open their eyes, select a player to eliminate, then close their eyes again. Then the moderator calls the characters that have abilities, in the order of werewolves, fortune teller, witch, hunter one at a time. each character called will open their eyes, perform his/her role's special action, and close them again.

- Day : everybody opens their eyes. The Moderator gives the name(s) of the player(s) which have been eliminated during the night. Those eliminated aren't allowed to speak to the active players for the rest of the game. Then, all the active players debate in order, and vote to eliminate a player they think is a werewolf.

characters with special abilities
Seer/ Fortune Teller
Each night, they can get information from the moderator about the real identity of a player. They must help the other villagers to eliminate the werewolves.

If they are eliminate by werewolves or eliminated by vote, they can choose to immediately eliminate one other player of their choice.

She has two potions :
- one to save the werewolves's victim
- one to eliminate a player
She can only use each potion once during the game. She can use both [2] potions during the same night. She can save herself only if she has been eliminated by the werewolves on the first night.

(conditions of victory in the groups)
In the basic game, there are 2 different groups :
- the werewolves : their goal is to eliminate all the villagers.
- the villagers (all the other cards) : their goal is to eliminate all the werewolves.

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