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ABC Adult's Beginner's Classes in Palm Beach no French knowledge required
Hello, This is a class for adults who have always wanted to learn a language but know nothing about French. It is also perfect for adults who want to train, boost and keep their brain stimulated. Don't they say learning a language is a great way to fight Alzheimer? We will start with simple easy clear baby steps to get you the ropes to understand the mechanics of the French language. Then, we will progress into the rules and grammar. The aim is to help you jump into it with confidence. We want this class to be fun and light but effective. Serious work during class and homework is recommanded if you want to progress. Every class will bring you joy with a growing sense of understanding of how it all works. Week after week you will build your French and start speaking quicker than you think. As we want to keep the class light and happy, we would appreciate support of each other, encouragement and help when needed. It is hard enough to start a language as an adult, we don't need negative comments or to be laughed at. Thank you. We definitely encourage laughing though, just not at the expense of others, but we promote laughing with each other instead. I'll be walking you through the mechanism of the language, holding your hand the whole way, catching you if you fall and helping you get back onto it. The classes will run in my home in Palm Beach, every week. You'll need to RSVP for each class. The classes follow the school terms. No class during school holidays. You are welcome to one-off classes ($25 each), but note the price comes down to $20/class if you commit to the whole term and pay all term fees upfront within the first week of each term. I strongly recommend to commit to the whole term as continuity is the key to reinforcing your learning, class after class. If you choose to pay all classes upfront, you'll save $$. Looking forward to meeting you all. Kindest regards Amélie PS: Please note all classes run during school terms. In doubt, check with me via email or text message or even better, you can RSVP so I can be notified you're coming. [masked] mbl:[masked] Thanks

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