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Java, open source and beyond.... that is the focus for this Meetup!

The list with topics is endless, to give you an idea:

Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Data, DevOps, Maven, Java 8, Java EE 7, Polymer, React.js, Docker, Eclipse, Microservices, IntelliJ, Oracle, Play framework, AngularJS, Angular2, Node.js, Kubernetes, KumuluzEE, Wicket, GWT, Material Design, Mesos, Apache Spark, Apache Camel, Bootstrap, Blender, Git, Vagrant, Dart, RxJS, Yeoman, Sonar, Nexus, Jenkins, CLM, Fortify, TDD, Scrum, Agile, Gradle, Groovy, Kotlin, Python, Swift, Arquillian, JUnit, Hibernate, Java FX, Cloud, Mockito, JSON, IoT, TypeScript, ECMAScript 6, MongoDB, Rest, Selenium, Selenide, Fitnesse, AI (Artificial Intelligence), Big Data, SPA (Single Page Applications), NoSQL, Relational Databases, Business Intelligence, Architecture, Scala

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3 Knative clouds and 1 red button


Once upon a time there was one red button in an era where massive clouds are upon us. The red button wanted to reach infinite cooperation and met the three biggest clouds : Amazon, Azure and Google cloud. In order to reach infinite cooperation he needed to gear up and choose Knative, Kubernetes, containerization and serverless. Knative allows him to easily build cloud-native, serverless applications on Kubernetes clusters. In this workshop you will help the red button this new open-source initiative. You will create your own serverless application that can be updated with a literal push of a button. This workshop takes you through all the steps required to do zero-downtime deployments and create automatic scaling applications on any Kubernetes cloud. We will provide each participant with a hardware button that triggers their application to be build and deployed. The red hardware button is yours after the workshop so you can connect your own pipeline to it. During this workshop we will discuss how Knative eases the configuration and maintenance of Kubernetes deployments. We will keep te presentations to a minimum, so you can get hands-on time with the material. You will become familiar with - Kubernetes, - Knative (generating kubernetes artifacts, routing, auto-scaling, scale-down to zero) - Tekton (cloud-based build-pipelines) on any cloud service (e.g. AWS, Azure, GKE). Basic knowledge of working with Kubernetes is an advantage. Code changes (Java) will be minimal, so whatever your preferred coding language is, you join us. Agenda: 17:30 – 1830 Ontvangst met eten 18:30 – Opening 19:30 – Drinks 19:45 – Vervolg 20:30 – Einde / drinks.

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