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Is Share of Search (SOS) the Missing Link for Marketers?

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Share of Search (SOS) is the most hyped marketing buzzword phrase of the past six months. Its advocates see it as marketing’s most important metric, a more relevant and practical assessment tool today than the traditional KPIs Share of Voice (SOV) and Share of Market (SOM). Register here 👉 http://bit.ly/39VDYbE Holistic Analytics founder Tasman Murray agrees. Tasman describes SOS as a light-touch, high impact market share predictor. However, Forethought Research chairman Ken Roberts cautions that the act of searching is not causal, and that SOS should not replace sound survey-based brand measurement. Join us on February 18 at 11am AEDT for a fascinating Growth Colony debate between Ken and Tasman, facilitated by Mitchell Mackey, Fauto Group’s Marketing General Manager. 👉🏾 Here’s what you’ll learn 👈🏼 - What is Share of Search (SOS)? - Where did the hype around S0S come from? - Can SOS be used as a proxy for other metrics? - Are SOS and NPS (Net Promoter Score) comparable? - What is the best long-term metric? - What is more important in communication effectiveness: what you say or where you say it? 👉🏾 Who should attend 👈🏼 - Marketing and communication professionals - CEOs, CMOs and CROs in B2B organisations - Startup founders trying to gain an edge

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How to Land Enterprise Deals

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