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Do you have a business in the Health and Wellness sphere - or work with clients in this area?

Do you live in Sydney's Hills District and surrounds?

Do you love the idea of mingling with like-minded and inspiring individuals at a small and casual business networking event?

Then this group is for you!

I've built some fantastic connections along my business journey with people who've supported my goals and become friends. They've become a fantastic referral network as well.

Located at Arthur Street Cafe, Baulkham Hills, the aim of the monthly Hills District Business Empowerment Network (HDBEN) is to create a space to encourage these interactions.

It's completely free to join (but I recommend bringing some money for coffee/tea and/or yummy breakfast) without obligations or scary commitments.

The group has a very relaxed vibe and welcomes a range of guest speakers each month to talk about business and personal development.

It's a great opportunity to build potential collaborations with others in the Health and Wellness sector.

Together, we can share our goals and progress, learn from one another, become inspired and empowered, and build strong relationships.

I look forward to seeing you there. :)

Leanne Shelton

Health & Wellness Content Coach & Copywriter

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March 2020 Meet Up

Arthur Street Cafe

You're invited to our March 2020 Meet Up at Arthur Street Cafe, Baulkham Hills - the first one of the year! Come along to meet with like-minded small business owners in the Health & Wellness space to share your goals, provide encouragement, and discover new ideas (and potential collaborations.) We'll be joined by guest speaker, Kate Kernick from Chrysalis Health and Wellbeing, who'll be talking on the topic "Stress and the Nervous System." Here's some info about Kate and her talk below- "When was the last time you took care of your emotional and mental wellbeing? As human beings, we all suffer distress, trauma, adverse events and conflict. Unresolved emotions from these events can perpetuate cycles and patterns of feeling stuck, distressed, or like life is starting to spin out of control with no solution in sight. It can impact our nervous and immune systems in many and insidious ways. Psychotherapy and energy healing can provide the support you need to process and integrate distressing memories and feelings to facilitate and life of greater joy and meaning. At Chrysalis Health and Wellbeing, I empower my clients to live a more authentic and fulfilling life by transforming these life challenges into opportunities. I facilitate the best possible outcomes for each client so that they may profoundly enhance all aspects of their life, including physical, mental, emotional, relational and spiritual. My training as a counsellor has shown me just how prolific and damaging chronic stress is to our bodies. Part of my work is helping clients to learn how to calm and regulate their reactive nervous systems. As a business owner, I know how easy it can be to become anxious and stressed about all aspects of running and keeping on top of things, along with all the other things that go along with living. As a human who sees how much humanity needs to change, I'm passionate that everyone know just how far and deep stress impacts our bodies because, ultimately I feel that the world we live in is an accumulation of many, many distressed nervous systems that have never healed." Should be a very insightful session. I look forward to seeing you there! :) ---- What are people saying about the group? “I love the HDBEN meet ups because it's a great opportunity to learn what other people are doing in the community and to connect with like-mindeds, rather than just doing everything on my own. We have some really great informative speakers, and I always learn something new.” - Kate Kernick, Chrysalis Health and Wellbeing “I was initially attracted to Hills District Business Empowerment Network Meetup because I want to get better at the skills of copywriting for my business and Leanne, the group founder, had experience in this area. What our found in the HDBEN Meetups is an interesting group of small business owners to whom I am able to relate and am happy to work with between meetups. There are some great people attending. The HDBEN Meetups are just different especially the Ice Breaker exercises dreamt up by Leanne. Attending is believing! By the way, the new venue is great too.” - Ian Faulkner, The HealthWise Guy --- The event is free to attend, but please bring some money for coffee/tea and/or morning tea and a bunch of business cards. I look forward to re-connecting or meeting you! Leanne

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