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What we’re about

Welcome fellow spiritual travelers in the Boise Valley!  Our group's mission is to reach out to those who are searching for truth and a way to live a happy life in this time of dramatic change. 
We live in a time of unprecedented interest in spirituality.  Spiritual experiences are a part of everyday living for millions of people.  Are you among those searching for answers?  How can I overcome fear?  Are your experiences real? What do they mean? How can I have more experiences of the Divine?  
Eckankar offers answers that help an individual discover truth through personal experience. It is an ancient spiritual teaching and a modern-day religion that offers spiritual techniques and resources. 
If you are interested in learning about Eckankar, check out the following video.
Experience the beautiful sound of HU, the Sound of Soul, in the following video.
You can also learn more about Eckankar with free books and information available at

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