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Closing the Wealth Gap for Women Week 1
Closing the Wealth Gap for Women Many women continue to earn less than men at work, resulting in a ‘Gender Wealth Gap’. This can seriously impair a woman’s ability to have the life they want, and more importantly, deserve. Recent research into the Gender Wealth Gap in Australia, by the course presenter, Wayne Wanders, shows on average, women have effectively half the money of men in retirement. This also needs to last twice as long due to a woman’s longer life expectancy! It’s vitally important that women take action now to close the gender wealth gap and increase their earning potential. That’s where this course can help! With no confusing jargon, you will learn effective strategies that all women, at any stage of life, can take today to beat the Gender Wealth Gap. This course is all about empowering women. Think of this course as a fitness bootcamp for your money, helping you to better manage your finances, grow your income potential and become financially fitter, so that you have more money at the end of your month. Closing the Wealth Gap for Women consists of: • Three classroom modules delivered over three sessions; • A one-on-one 30 minute personal Financial Health Assessment over the phone before the session, with the course presenter Wayne Wanders. The classroom modules designed for women to help them beat the Gender Wealth Gap, are: Module 1 – Develop Your Money Mindset and have More Money at the end of Your Month, Thursday 22 November 2018 Things you will learn in this module include: • Why many women suffer from the Gender Wealth Gap • How to set financial goals in that stick • How to make money and debt your servant Module 2 – Grow your Income, , Thursday 29 November 2018 Things you will learn in this module include: • How to get the pay rise you want • How to get your dream job • How to earn more from your passions Module 3 – Be Financially Fitter with Your Money Working Hard for You, Thursday 6 December 2018 Things you will learn in this module include: • Investing 101 – How to make money work hard for you • Superannuation 101 – Understanding and maximising your super • Protect Yourself At the end of the course, you will have: • Your own personal plan, of actions you will be taking to beat the Gender Wealth Gap; and, • The knowledge and confidence to implement this personal action plan. Location The course will be in Macquarie Community College, Computer Room 1, 263 Marsden Road Carlingford Cost The cost for the full course over the three weeks is $185.00 and tickets must be arranged via the Macquarie Community College website at

Macquarie Community College

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The concept of retirement is about to be “retired”.

Why? Because the system is rigged in favour of the government, big businesses (especially the banks), the politicians and the unions.

And because of this, you are probably on the treadmill to work till you drop.

And that’s where this FREE Meetup can help. At each Meetup you will learn plain and simple strategies that you can action immediately, to improve the health of your wealth so you can get off the treadmill of working till you drop.

These FREE Meetups are presented by Wayne Wanders, The Wealth Navigator and author of the book “Avoid the Poverty Trap”. Each Meetup draws on Wayne’s book as well as Wayne’s Wealth Ignite Program.

You can think of each Meetup as fitness for your money, where:

• Instead of losing weight, you are able to manage your money so you have more money at the end of your month.

• Instead of strengthening your muscles, you are growing your income.

• Instead of being physically fitter, you are financially fitter so you have more time for you and your family.

And at these Meetups, there will be networking opportunities and the chance to meet other like-minded people and learn from their experiences and questions. Bring cards, network, and make new friends.

And as you pilot you and your family to the life you want, and more importantly the life you deserve, Wayne Wanders, The Wealth Navigator, will be sitting right alongside you answering your questions with unbiased advice.

You have a choice. Stay on the treadmill and work till you drop. Or join this Meetup and become your own Wealth Pilot and can get off the treadmill of working till you drop.

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