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What we're about

Not just a regular socializing club, the Indian Families and Parents Club is a fun (literally!), close-knit, multicultural, family oriented, well planned group; created will the sole intention of having an awesome time with loads of masti and endless zest!! It is an eco-system of fun, support and happiness against an Indian backdrop.

As Indians, we miss the three F's - Family, Friends and Festivals. While we can't completely compensate for the first, the latter two can surely be dealt with within this group. We will have abundant opportunities to come across like-minded, affable people. Together we can be a big family! Isn't that what we need to remain emotionally afloat in a faraway land like this?

What's in store -

☆ Regular (monthly or more) well planned meetups - outdoors, picnics, getaways, day trips, potlucks, movies, indoor get-togethers, cultural celebrations, musical nights, activities for kids, bbqs, games and what not!

☆ Choice of meetup and event detailing decided by consensus. Will pick the most popular from the lot!

☆ Every event will have a short welcome session for new members where they can introduce themselves and their families to the broad group

☆ Besides socializing, each event will cater for the entertainment of adults and kids alike

☆ Proper communication channel (via Whatsapp group, etc) will be maintained for information and informal discussions, to make sure everyone is on the same page and the group remains connected

Who should join -

☆ Indian families (with or without kids)

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