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Shadowrun: The Emerald City In Flames
• What we'll do Shadowrun 5e Campaign starting in The Emerald City Seattle. 2075 the city is still getting used to Knight Errant having taken over most of the Criminal Policing functions of the city. This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Renaku Archology Disaster, the Dragon war is still ongoing, though said to be winding down (<< { If you can believe 1% of the drek the news channels put out. } >>) Lone star is still trying to sort it self out after the disaster of the TEMPO epidemic that saw it lose its Seattle contract. There are rumors of a Dragon living in the city, (<<{ yeah right}>>) The orc underground has publicly stated it has no ties nor do they condone the actions of the Army of SAURON and their terrorist acts. (<<{In Public yeah, privately is another thing}>>) (<<{People still go for this drek?}>>) The astrology channel says this year is going to be something special a magical conjunction, want to know more? Epay available for your future revealed in this frightening and yet marvellous alignment of the heavens. Character creation using "Established Runners" resource levels. Background and past associations may affect your starting cash and things. Ok Chummers, I will be there early to get set up and we can go over characters and stuff before we try and see what the streets be holding er hiding this night. • What to bring Paper pen or pencils, and a bucket of D6's, some may be available for load at the table. • Important to know Conserve Ammo, Shoot Straight, and Never Make a Deal with a DRAGON!! Location

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