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Are you pursuing a life which makes you happy? Or, do you feel like you are stuck in a rut and you don’t know how to get yourself out?

Many people choose pathways in life and then feel they must stick to those choices, even if they are not happy. Perhaps you know it is not right for you but you feel you must carry on anyway, out of fear; fear of failure, of trying something new, or of being judged by other people. Perhaps the choice was made for you or you were told what to do by a partner, family member, school teacher or employer? Or, you feel you must live up to other people’s expectations. Many people just seem to fall into a life experience and can’t see a way out.

We are here to tell you that you don’t have to fall into anything. Instead, you can choose to wake up, be aware, and make conscious decisions about your life, your relationships, your career etc. You can RESET your life!

At INFINITY EVENTS, we believe that taking responsibility allows you to take back control of your life. This way, you will see there are alternatives. It may be extremely confrontational for many people to accept responsibility for the way things currently are and to take ownership for all of their decisions. But when you do, you will see what you can change and how you can make choices aligned with your heart.


If you are in victim mode, you are not accepting of your situation and refuse to take ownership of your life. We dispel the illusion that you are a victim. We can show you there is another way and that you can make choices and change your life. It starts with owning what is going on with your life.


We help you to see that separateness is an illusion and that when you look back, you will understand what has actually happened in your life to get you to this point.

Perception is what we gain from an experience. Unfortunately, a perception can have a negative effect on us and can even dictate the way we lead our lives. Here’s how it works. We have an experience, we create an emotion, and a memory is then stored in our mind. That memory forms a perception; it can be good, bad or indifferent, but it can shape us. However, we can go back and change that perception. This is one of the most powerful things you can do because when you alter the perception of an event, it no longer controls you for the rest of your life.

At THE RESET EXPERIENCE (, we encourage you to go back to that time in your heart and mind. We ask you a series of questions and by talking you through it, you will see the full picture of what was happening at that time. By breaking it down scientifically, we can show you how to get back to that time in your life to alter your perception of it.

Rather than see the experience as good or bad, you see the whole experience for what it is; an experience to which you attached a perception. It is that perception that dictates what it means to you.

As we work with you, you evolve, you become lighter as you drop off the baggage you are carrying around with you. And, you rise up. The experience no longer controls you.


When you take responsibility for your life and the decisions you make, you will see there are more choices open to you than you thought.

At Infinity Events, we see it this way: if you don’t choose something better, you must make do with what you get. If you don’t choose to be somewhere else, then you choose to stay where you are.


The only way to grow, to evolve, and to become the fullest expression of who you are, is to Invest in yourself. It is not about wishing, or hoping, it is about saying to the Universe, ‘I matter and I choose ME’.


Here at Infinity Events, we don’t want to take two or three months to get results. Straight away, from day one, you will learn how to understand how you’ve gotten to where you are and how your experiences have shaped you to be who you are today. You will see the impact of our work very quickly, even immediately.


We can show you how to pay attention, to connect with the drive within you, to become aligned with your true self and congruent with who you really are. Try our way, experience what we believe, and take responsibility for your life. See how it works for you.

We have processes that help you gain a full quantum experience on the events of your past. Past experiences can hold us back and dictate what we do with our lives. We show you how you can break that experience down scientifically to change your perception of that event–so that it need not control you anymore.

We educate and inform through science to enable you to bridge the gap between science and spirituality. We are the facilitators of change.

When you free yourself of your limited self and clear out personal clutter, YOU STOP EXISTING AND START LIVING

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