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I invite you on a sacred journey to awaken parts of yourSELF that have been dormant or unloved for perhaps an eternity. This is a journey that will lead you to the place where your INNER ALCHEMIST dwells, the most MAGNIFICENT MAGICAL MANIFESTOR that dwells within you. Your INNER ALCHEMIST has the ability to transform your most inner being to become whatever your heart desires.

The path to become an INNER COMPASS ALCHEMIST is very unique, it was designed so that you can work/play at your very own pace and put as much or as little of yourSELF into it as you need or want. Part of the initiation process is to attend the weekly INNER COMPASS ALCHEMY CIRCLES so that you are immersed in the juices of SACRED BLESSINGS and can integrate the process as you need to. You may attend weekly, fortnightly or monthly depending on your schedule and commitments. The more you attend the deeper you will go within yourSELF to gain the understandings and principles of the INNER COMPASS – which is 'THE WAY' to transform your 'BLOCKAGES' using intuition, circle wisdom and other INNER COMPASS ALCHEMY TOOLS.

The INNER COMPASS ALCHEMY course is accredited and recognized by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists, IICT, an organisation established to promote and insure practitioners in their chosen modality.

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Hamersley Scout Hall

Because your healing journey can be fun! About this Event You are invited to participate in YOUGA, a very special event and is held on Saturday 31st August 2019 in Hamersley. When you attend, you will tap into the YOUnified (unified) field to take you on an expansive and eclectic journey to yourSELF. YOU-GA invites you to deeply connect with yourSELF to help shift the consciousness of the planet because it all begins and ends with YOU! Each session is a different and with every session you attend you will be tapping into the group collective and your subconscious to help you to clear your outdated programs that do not serve you nor humanity. If you would like to turbo charge your healing pathway in a playful and enjoyable way then register now. There is a YOUnique playlist that will activate your brain to open up new neural pathways for you. The music is eclectic and may seem random, however, it is not. It is a carefully crafted playlist that will connect with your subconscious with a particular vibrational signature that is in alignment with the YOU-GA Collective. I look forward to sharing your experiences. Please check out the Psychic Hypnotherapy and Music Alchemy Session to show exactly how music can affect you. Please bring a water bottle and a blanket and pillow for the meditation. $20 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/you-ga-journey-to-the-self-tickets-68073045311 https://youtu.be/Pf42iVQ9BY8 https://youtu.be/CGngII8eeao


Dawn's Place

The Inner Compass is an IICT approved modality and is essentially ‘the way’ to the SELF to become the ‘ASCENDED MASTER’ of your own life. During this YOUnique one day workshop you will be introduced to some powerful tools and techniques that will assist you to navigate life from a HIGHER perspective. The Inner Compass workshop covers: How to access your HIGHER AWARENESS The foundation principles of Breath Portals Discover the basics of dowsing How to muscle Test The Inner Compass as a navigation tool An introduction to KISS Stones You will receive an Inner Compass Intuition Tool Kit Valued at $66.00 which includes a pendulum, workbook, Inner Compass Chart (Foundation Soul Map) and notepad. Tickets available via eventbrite: EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS 26th September 2019: $100 pp After 26th September 2019: $150 https://www.eventbrite.com/e/super-charge-your-intuition-tickets-69265540095

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Hamersley Scout Hall

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