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Calling all introverted women who are tired of hiding and are ready to step off the sidelines and take their business to the next level.

Do you struggle to put yourself out there?
Are you grappling with talking yourself up when you're naturally a quiet achiever, used to working behind the scenes?
Does the idea of networking, connecting with strangers and making small talk make you want to break out in hives?

But you know that these are the very things holding you back from creating the success that you want and deserve.

You KNOW that by making relationship-building a priority, by having the right people in your corner, the growth in your business will be accelerated.

If this resonates with you then, you’re in the right place.

We’re creating cozy networking events exclusively curated with the introverted business owner in mind where we will introduce you to different techniques to connect with your ideal clients in ways that feel good to you as well as specific introvert-friendly tools and resources to grow your business on your terms.

It’s part networking event (but for not the yucky, pushy, business cards in your face part!), part mastermind, part girls’ day out where together we as introverted women in business come together to celebrate our successes, problem solve our challenges collectively and show up (minus our masks), feeling seen, heard and supported by other like-minded women.

Huge benefits from our meet up include:
** Connecting with other like-minded introverted business owners to create a super cozy and supportive community of people who have each other’s backs
** Creating opportunities for collaboration to create win-win situations
** Business and leadership training and resources exclusively geared towards introverted business owners to accelerate your business growth
** Building relationships to grow your audience and list of potential clients
** The opportunity for you to stretch your capacity zone and be seen as the true expert that you are….

And so much more...

Come and join us at our next event. I’m so looking forward to hearing where you are and where you want to take your business!

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2022 Business Planning: 5 Steps to More Confidence, Clarity & Cashflow


Tired of not having time or head space to create a plan because you’re so busy trying to be in all the places and keep up with all the things you “should'' be doing to grow your business?

Sick of following cookie cutter strategies designed for big personalities that feel completely misaligned and are honestly not working for you and how you want to feel in your business?

Frustrated with not knowing where to start on a strategic plan that allows you to effectively and efficiently grow and scale your business - on your terms?

And the thought of doing the same thing all over again in 2022 makes you want to break out in hives?

Let’s do things differently this coming year. Yes?

2022 Business Planning is a 4 hour in person workshop where you’ll learn how to create a strategic business growth plan that will help you attract quality clients and grow your business, in your own cozy way.

Here’s specifically what you will learn
🌟 The 3 biggest mistakes introvert entrepreneurs make when it comes to strategic planning and goal setting (and how to avoid these in 2022)
🌟 Why having a clear vision and mission are critical and how to create yours. (You don’t need to know your world changing life’s purpose, either!)
🌟 The simple yet effective planning method that will allow you to create outer success AND inner fulfillment (so you don’t have to sacrifice your sanity, self-care, or life to build a profitable, sustainable business)
🌟 The revenue-generating activities you need to prioritise to move the needle forward in your business whilst prioritising your energy management at the same time (think cozy rather than cookie-cutter strategies!)

Book your spot while it's still FREE!

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Quiet Impact Strategy 2022

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