What we're about

Do you want a better job or career? Just want a job? No idea what you really want to do or how to get it?

Whatever level you are at - newer graduate or executive level, it can be hard to get out of the rut of your current situation and get into the job and life of your dreams.

We will create a group of like minded people (whether you are currently not working or want to find something better) that benefit as a group to finding and obtaining your dream job or career.

Successful people generally are all to happy to help others providing they are not taken advantage of. We will invite people who work in positions of various industries to talk to our group as well as people experienced in recruitment as well as those who can teach us the relevant skills and mindset to help us all to 'get that job'. As 'guest' speakers with no commercial agenda we will host events in hopefully 'cheap' or 'free' spaces to help us all with our direction and skills.

Sometimes the difference between your current situation and the life of your dreams is only 10%. With luck, we will help you get that little edge to really win.

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