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The Lean Startup is something I came to after fluffing about with my startup and doing all I could NOT to talk to customers.

Instead, I spent money building something I thought they'd like.

They didn't.

I scratched my head and wondered how the hell I could have a successful startup without wasting more money.

At the Silicon Beach Meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Silicon-Beach/), people I spoke to about the problem kept telling me to read Steve Blank's 'Four Steps to the Epiphany' and Eric Ries' 'Lean Startup' blog.

Curious by nature, I eventually delved into the world of 'Lean Startup' and it was the light bulb moment for me!

The penny dropped and I've been telling people about it and practising it ever since.

Note: The 'Lean Startup' is a trademark and service mark owned by Eric Ries.

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