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This Meetup Group is a place for people to come together to converse about the scientific principles explaining the Human Condition, key of which is the 'Intellect vs Instinct' concept and how it explains the cause of humanity's divisive behavior. The science is centered squarely on the profound work of Australian biologist Jeremy Griffith, who dared to investigate the psychological nature of the problem and subsequently made the great breakthrough in resolving the biological dilemma of the Human Condition for the first time in human history. The biologists definitive work is published in the book 'Freedom: The End of The Human Condition', released worldwide in 2016 (freely available at www.humancondition.com).

People that already have some appreciation of the biologists work are encouraged to join. If you're new to this and interested in learning more, before applying to join you should go and explore the key videos below, and the many other great videos, books and 'Freedom Essays' that are on the website www.humancondition.com.

The Human Condition, also referred to in the religious context as our capacity for 'good and evil', has caused unmentionable suffering and even been referred to as the issue that encroaches 'the black box inside of people'. BUT, with scientific understanding of the Human Condition and the psychological source of the problem now available, suffering stops. The potential for a grand scale transformation in humanity's 'will' and 'endeavor' is unleashed throughout the world, that can address worldwide suffering at it's source, using understanding. Most excitingly, We can actually Transform our Lives and help Save The World!

The Meetups will range from places where presentations can be held, such as Officeworks meeting rooms or Community Halls, to places better suited for smaller gatherings such as local cafe's or a local RSL. A typical meetup event would include a short-presentation at Officeworks to give context to the Meetup, followed by a lunch or dinner at a local restaurant where we can engage in more informal conversation about the relevant topic.

Also, feel free to open a Discussion Topic or drop me an email with any suggestions for improvement!

p.s. Don't forget to check out the videos below!!


Sam Akritidis (co-founder - Melbourne World Transformation Movement - http://www.wtmmelbourne.com )

Launch of the Melbourne WTM Centre at the first Global WTM Conference held in Sydney, Feb 2017:



For those new to this material, the four videos below are key to understanding and explaining the human condition. These videos are from the main World Transformation Movement website www.humancondition.com.

1. Video 1 titled 'Your block to the most wonderful of all gifts'


2. Video 2 titled 'The false savage instincts excuse'




4. Video 4 titled 'The Instinct vs Intellect treatise is obvious'



P.p.s You can check out the content in more detail at the website http://www.humancondition.com and verify it all for yourself. You can even contact the World Transformation Movement directly through the website.

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