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London Black Atheists, despite the name Black, is a group that welcomes all atheists. We want to free our minds and our communities from all religious pollution and corruption. Our mission is to encourage ethnic peoples of all stripes and particularly of the African Diaspora to come out as atheists to other atheists. We will not reveal your identity publicly. We provide a friendly, welcoming and supportive environment for people who want to declare themselves as atheists but are wary of receiving a hostile reaction from their family and friends, leaving them isolated with no one to turn to and nowhere to go.

We actively work with other atheist groups such as British Humanist Association, London Atheists Activists Group and Central London Humanists Group to further our cause. If you live or work in London or are just visiting, if you are questioning religion and want to meet like minded people, join our group.

For social and historical reasons Black people tend to be very religious. The default position in Black society is that religion is a good thing that should be followed without question. We disagree. At some times and in some places, religion in the past has provided social cohesion, schools, hospitals, charities and the like, but the overwhelming evidence is that nowadays religion is divisive, physically harmful, mentally destabilising and morally bankrupt. It is a brake on social and scientific progress. In those parts of the world where it is a dominant influence, it is positively lethal. For those people who say "What harm does it do?", We only have to look at countries where religion is linked to the political and governmental decision making process and we can see the harm and atrocities done in the 'name of religion'. At the very least, people should have some choice in the religious indoctrination that they follow. In the West we would also challenge religious privilege in schools and the public sephere.

We meetup for serious discussions on a wide range of topics connected to atheism, science, social issues, religion, evolution, cosmology, and neuroscience amongst other things. We actively seek to improve our understanding of our stunning, incredible universe, from a natural perspective. A universe that does not need a supernatural creator to explain its existence, nor how it functions. We also meetup socially for fun, entertainment, restaurant outings, watching films, visiting theatres and museums etc.

LBA has come a long way since our very first meeting on 26 October 2012 which was a gathering of four people. LBA now numbers well over 500 members. Over the years we have marched in support of the LGBT community, rallied outside Nigeria House for the abducted Chibok girls, exposed the witchcraft accuse and abuse activities of Mountains of Fire Ministries, supported children at risk from a convicted molesting pastor, had a string of stunning speakers at our events such as Leo Igwe, Dr Gus Casely-Hayford and Esther Stanford-Xosie, made our presence felt at Speakers Corner, Hyde Park, had our minds expanded (legally) at science talks by The Royal Society, enjoyed ourselves at many and varied social meetups to the cinema, Eat The World restaurant outings, and danced the night away at night clubs. LBA has an enviable track record as a fully rounded activist, educational and social events group with something for all it's members.

All this has been achieved on a shoe-string budget, but as we expand and broaden the range and scope of our activities, we need to establish LBA on a firmer financial footing. It is free to join LBA but please consider supporting us with a voluntary annual donation of £10. We will also continue to accept the usual £3 donation at LBA meetups. What is the money donated used for? Examples include:

- Hire of the Common House (regular monthly meetups venue)

- Hire of Conway Hall (Black History Month and LBA Anniversary venue)

- Guest speakers expenses

- Publish a book capturing black atheists stories

- Printing flyers for distribution

- website fees, LBA and Meetup

Please support LBA, so LBA can continue to support you. Please donate £10 today! Thank you for your support.

LBA bank account for donations:
Account number: 26427968
Sort code: 30-96-26
Account name: London Black Atheists
Bank name: Lloyds Bank PLC
Please put the reference: SUB and your name or your Meetup username on any deposit

Upcoming events (2)

Ethical Dilemmas: Discussion and Debate

The Common House (Unit E)

Bring along your ethical dilemmas for us to discuss and debate. It can be about anything that you consider the big issues of the day, from women's right to choose to immigration or those moral questions that people shy away from. Come with an open mind and an open mouth. Refreshments available Donations of £3 or more appreciated,

External Event: LARC Film event

London Action Resource Centre

The LARC film club returns to the London Action Resource Centre on Saturday 2nd February, with Decolonise: Africa, the first in the new Decolonise series. The event starts at 2.30pm with a screening of Concerning Violence, a 2014 documentary based on an essay from Frantz Fanon's The Wretched of the Earth; followed by the 1975 feature Xala, by the Senegalese writer and director Ousmane Sembène who is known as the father of African film. There will be time to mill around and chat between films, and refreshments will be provided. Vegan snacks are welcome if you feel like bringing anything, but you don't have to. The LARC Film Club is a smoke/alcohol/drug-free event. The space is heated but it can get chilly in winter, so best bring your own blanket. London Action Resource Centre, 62 Fieldgate Street, E1 1ES. 2.30pm start till about 7pm. This event is free - donations to LARC are appreciated. https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/larc-film-club-presents-decolonise-africa-tickets-54505798310?aff=ebdshpsearchautocomplete

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