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The Melbourne Dodgeball League was created to provide a fun, recreational, yet competitive nontraditional game that all can enjoy!

Dodgeball is an alternative sport that requires very little equipment, set up and playing experience. MDL strives to provide great social enjoyment, as well as good natured competition.

So get out with your friends and throw balls at people! This is a sport that anyone can play! Most of our locations provide parking, canteen & bar services.

The Melbourne Dodgeball League has 8 locations across Melbourne, and is continually growing due to the newfound popularity of this sport. We use a safer, coated foam ball, instead of the hard rubber balls some leagues use. Coated foam balls create a faster game and throw, with more of a variety in throws, while ensuring a safer environment as well.

Wear casual, uniforms or any costume you want... dodgeball can get competitive, but there is always a fun environment and good atmosphere, with great tunes blaring in the background during every match! Most of our locations allow all ages to play... typically members of MDL are between the ages of 16-40. There are services available for kids, and kids leagues are now being promoted across Melbourne.

MDL Provide Many Of The Following:

Mixed Leagues (A & B DIVISIONS)

Charity Tournaments

Cash Prize Tournaments for $2000 minimum

Birthday Parties for all ages

Corporate Team Building

Bucks Parties

Friday Night Social Events

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