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This is a meet up group for anyone interested in trading Forex currencies and for people who want to learn how to trade without taking to much risk in the market. I started this meet up group because I just got started doing forex trading myself and i want to connect with people who have the same interest who have thought about trading and hadn't known where to start. So if you ever wanted to learn how to trade but hadn't found a company or platform that suites your goals. I want to share with everybody and amazing company that i've been involved with for about a month now that is so new to Australia it has only been her for about 1 month. I want to share with everybody the comapany called International Markets Live. IML has been around since 2013 and started in dallas Texas, it is founded in 120 countries all over the world the Ceo of the company is a man Known by the legend Christopher Tery. Chris has 22 years experience in the Foreign exchange market and has a net worth of 90 Million Dollars in trading. Now he has created a software that uses his Harmonic signals in the Foreign exchange market to pick up when to sell or when to buy a currency pair. For anybody who knows much about how the market works you will understand how powerful this system can be, He has also created a system where you can put you money you wanted to trade into what is called a Mirror Trader which basically Mirrors his trades exactly off his computer this is super powerful as i have seen people using his services absolutely killing the Foreign Exchange Market and i have some friends who are also using his services who are getting some very good results. The last thing Christopher terry has done for evrybody he has made a live trading room where you can get on 2 times per day trading a London session in the early hrs of the morning and a evening session for New York. This is so power because he basically tells you when to put your trades on and which currency pair to trade and i myself have been seeing some really great results using this service. So If you would like to know more about what we are doing Please phone me on 0409082683 or email me on and i can organise a time to chat. Thanks Aaron Borg

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