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Melbourne's Iconic Clocks (8 km walk)
I will bring you to see TEN iconic and historic Melbourne clocks for this walk. If you love taking photos and a bit of history, this is a great walk for it! At the end, if you have time, do join me for coffees at Fed Square. Some of the clocks you will see are: (1) At the Royal Arcade. Built in 1869, an integral and famous feature of the Royal Arcade is the Gaunt's Clock, which is guarded by two giant statues of the mythical figures Gog and Magog. (2) At Melbourne Central. The giant fob-watch clock on level two of Melbourne Central was designed by Seiko and was presented as a gift to Melburnians. This clock hangs from a gold chain that is twelve and a half metres long and weighs two tonnes. (3) At Flinders Street Station. There are nine clocks at the main entrance and two time clocks, one positioned above the nine clocks in the crest of a triangular façade and the other located in a tower that can be seen from both Flinders Street and Elizabeth Street. These clocks have even added to Melburnian dialect i.e. the popular idiom "meet under the clocks". Admin Info: Please meet outside the Melbourne Visitors' Centre at Fed Square. If you drive, there is 3-hour ticketed parking along Alexandra Avenue. Hydration: there are lots of drinking fountains along the way. Public toilets are accessible along the way. Safety Information: The trail is used by many runners and cyclists. Please read and comply with our Safety Guidelines ( If you take photos, do share with the group by uploading to Meetup, or use hashtag #marathonwalking on Instagram/Facebook/Twitter. Please use the Meetup smartphone app to send instant messages to the host if you are running late or if you can't make it at the last minute. See you! Fi Author of Marathon Training for Walkers and Beginners ( Follow our group's Instagram page: Like our Facebook Page:

Melbourne Visitor Centre at Federation Square

Cnr Swanston and Flinders Streets · Melbourne

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This is a group for anyone who loves walking long distances for fun and fitness. Each week, we walk in a different part of Melbourne, and it's free to join! Our walks always start and end near public transport and we only choose safe and flat routes. We walk at a brisk pace, but don't worry if you want to go slower because we usually mark the paths clearly and no one has gotten lost before :)

Why do people join this group? The most common reasons are: (a) to keep fit/healthy, (b) to lose weight, (c) to explore different parts of Melbourne, (d) to keep fit in a group, rather than doing it solo, and (e) to challenge oneself to walk long distances.

I often recommend to beginners to try walking a half-marathon (21 km) and if they feel like it later , a full marathon (42 km). You may ask 'why do a marathon or half-marathon?' and 'why WALK it?'

First, finishing a marathon is an awesome feeling! ...whether it is your first or hundredth time.

Second, doing a marathon will require weekly walks (as training) and this will keep you fit and healthy on a continuous basis.

Third, doing marathons will inspire your friends/family/total strangers and raise funds for good causes.

Fourth, walking a marathon puts far less stress on the body than running, which means almost zero injuries.

And fifth, you will get to meet some of the most friendly people ever at marathon/half-marathon events :)

I hope this community will bring together all current and soon-to-be marathon walkers out there. Looking forward to meeting you one day!


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