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Chinese-English Translation Club
Each session is facilitated and includes group translation, general social time and group reflection on the translation process and specific vocabulary and sentences which were difficult/insightful. We have a maximum of 20 participants in each workshop, and form groups of 3-5 people with some native speakers of English, and some native speakers of Chinese. There is a text for us to translate together, we need to use both of the group languages (e.g Chinese and English) to complete the translation. The texts are recent articles about contemporary cultural issues. Why should you come? 1. This event WILL challenge your language skills in terms of both Vocabulary and Grammar 2. You will not be stuck making small talk with people covering the same topics as normal like "How long have you been studying Chinese". 3. You will have authentic conversations in both Chinese and English about real topics in society 4. This is a professionally run event, we have three experienced facilitators who are also active participants and are dedicated to promoting language learning and cultural exchange 5. We have a booked, clean and accessible room which is quiet and comfortable in Lonsdale St in the city. The venue hire, snacks and drinks are sponsored by the language school that we partner with Level Up English 6. This is a genuinely intellectually engaging and fun event with interesting and motivated participants in attendance weekly. This is one of the few language exchange events in Melbourne that cater to Intermediate to Advanced learners of Chinese and native speakers. We have a core of dedicated language learners who come every week and tackle a different text on a different topic. We run interactive translation workshops for learners of Chinese and English to work together to complete a translation. The workshops are great for Chinese learners and speakers who want to develop their knowledge of language and meet other people who speak their language.

Foundation for Young Australians

21-27 Somerset Place · Melbourne

What we're about

Translation Club is the beating heart of Marco Polo Project, a not-for-profit organisations that inspires new ways of bringing cultures together. Each week, we gather a mixed group of 15-25 English and Chinese speakers to translate a text from Chinese to English, working in small bilingual groups.

The event is designed for people reading Chinese at intermediate to advanced level, but we welcome people at all levels, from NAATI accredited interpreters and translators to beginners who come with an open mind and are ready for a challenge. We have a core of dedicated language learners who come every week and tackle a different text on a different topic.

Translation Club is an opportunity to practice both languages and develop translation skills, but the magic of our event lies elsewhere. Our aim is not to complete a translation or produce a perfect result. It is to reflect on aspects of language and culture that form the fabric of everyday life, yet remain generally unnoticed: from details of family life or communication patterns as expressed in a story to common grammatical structures that reveal surprising underlying value systems.

The process of collective translation is intellectually demanding, but there is no pressure to succeed: this is a deeply relaxing experience, and offers a unique opportunity to develop advanced linguistic, cultural, and critical skills while forgetting everyday worries.

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