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What if you could accelerate your awareness to create a space where you cared for yourself, those around you and what you do?

Me time is that space to do that with strategies, exercises, tips taken from best practice leadership courses and fun to share so that you can reset yourself, reduce the overwhelm, calm the storm and RIDE the wave that is going to change your way of being. You will learn to increase your self awareness with mindfulness and other related techniques plus build yourself up with leadership tools taken from my years of working with best practice global companies.

Gather with people who understand and "get you" and build a supportive community.

You are enough - be gentle with yourself, "you have a right to be here no less than the trees and the stars" (- Cassie Cromwell)

To learn more ways to create more me time between Meetups, like the linked Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/thecarefactor?ref=hl

I am all about increasing your care factor in life.

enjoy and take care,


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