What we're about


! Hi, from, Craig ! This meet up is Free ! & make a donation to kids, or, cancer charity of your choice.

Or, The farmers drought appeal, raising money for Australian farmers suffering this worse, draught.


! We love, our, Art and keep an open Perspective on Creative Sources ! So let's ! Promote !

Art in a Positive way ! Through open discussion ! Bringing positive ! Creations ! Open ! In !

A Foundation ! A Community ! A Team @Crew of Artists !


! Welcome ! Now ! Accepting New Members ! Recruiting New ! Team Members !

~ " Where here for each other, our Creative Side, becomes,-" Creative, Talk & Power,

To connect, to be, individual, or, powerful, or, successful, to be, creative, is the,

Key, to be yourself, to be, free, from the normal. " by Craig, A. O,-Event Planner/Organiser,-


! Launched September 2017 !

Like us & Our Website is @at http://www.socialcollectiveplus.com/

Or home visit our gallery @at https://www.facebook.com/gallerymoontosun.net.au/about/ or visit at,-

Our other page at ,-@at https://www.facebook.com/Fashionandartssakeplus.net.au/about/


! Join the team, ..A FREE ZONE!..for fabolous TALENTED!..individuals

~ Because " Art Time= Me Time " follow this " and your "set for great times," ahead,

~ Because sum"me time" is great " Art time, " because you will know when " it's happening,"

~ And when.." Because it can happen."


..Of budding Artists & Social Collective ! Please suggest our next meet up or Event, near You!!...

~ We are all busy, with Work & family commitments, so come forward from your life and boring,

Can become a busy Calendar Year for all, of us. So mark in your Calendar our next, meet up.


~ ! By Hobbie or trade...or Profession..!..or fun ! Un-tapped talents ! Share or sell ! Sum of your,

~ ! Creative, Art works, published items, stories, artifact, plus, much, much , more !


! We like to Personally Introduce You to this meet up !


! So, come, along peeps ! Try us ! ..New ! in Newcastle ! & Hunter ! & Surrounds !


Best Art's & Collective Group ! To hit ! Newcastle ! Best out of 1 of 100 ! & in the 1st Bottom top 100 ! ! Second to none ! Best in the Globe !


Art Critic's & Collecter's ! Evolving talents, and inspiring talents, STEP!..out, from the normal community.


Also share your great Experiences and journey's, from, your Great Travels & Adventures,-

~ More chances of meeting wonderful new acquaintances or like minded friends with other,

Sister Groups,-Gives us total, network of Social Friends.


~ We all have the Artist within us! ..Let us tap in, on your hidden talent, or ,Teach us ! Your secrets.

Because we all, have something to share, an, umbundance of stories, wishful thinking.

And clever ideas, share your inventions ! Because we love to hear about it ! A journey !

Far beyond !


..As we all can create, & Understand, untapped talents within us !


Inspired Wisdom !


All Social Butterflys Welcome !


! Where here, for us, ..


Instant Social Collective Members,


for the TALENT ! Within us !


~ Eager to meet & greet,..we love our Humans, we stand for Peace, we stand for Marriage Equality,

faith, for us, integrity, Love for each other, Non-Discrimination for all of us


New talents, inspired by World wide Inspiration and movements.,-


The stronger the Community, The stronger the Creative talents, within us!

~ Can't wait to hear everyone's ideas on how to make this group..fun,fantastic, the

Best it can be..& the best meet ups around.


..Don't like crowds..or loud music..or hussle..& bustle..meet at relaxed, cosy Events..NEAR! YOU !

So !Come along PEEPS !


! Or, just come long peeps ! & { Smiggle } I mean { Mingle }


! One or two members will introduce you, so you won't be alone !


! Members are incouraged to participate


& recommend Events or Parties for other members or host's !


! We hope to create, a long lasting memories..


..and impression upon everyone, a build a strong,Support & friendship, between individuals !


~ Artists,-We strive to collaberate to bring a Creative World of Abundance..


We stand United,


to, Bring together us Artists ~ To live, in harmony, peace, tranquility,..


..free spirit, free imagination & compassion.


~ We are a Foundation of Artists,..


..Looking to meet, with budding Artists & Collective, the , soul, the beat, the rythem, the same.


We cry, we stand, we scream, we yell, we chime, we sing, we write,..


..For one, together we stand..


We stand for recognition, & Honusty Plus, Identity, That the World evolves As one.


! Formerly Newcastle Creative Writing Meet up by Bren Murphy,..


Now! by, Craig, at, The Social Collective Foundation Plus in the Hunter ! was Called Social Collective Plus..


! We are Social Network of 2000 members, Foundation! and Rapidly Growing, with owner of New !

The Original & Famous, Plus Worldly Unique ! The Newcastle Coffee House Group Meet Up! Formally, Gold Coast Coffee Meet Up! and Now! Great new! Owner of The Famous & Fabulous ! Great ! Instant Friends Plus Social Network in Newcastle ! Was, Called, Instant Friends Plus, Originally!!..& Famous Hit,..Big,..Formally,

Singles*Plus+ a hit..Originally..Three years ago !


Makes us Cutting Edge ! and FANTASTIC! NEW! at Co-Group at Co-Organiser at #Resist: Newcastle.


! Makes us more Efficient, effective, better, more Exclusive, and Understanding, easier, and

much more awsome !


~ ! To get Big..go Global !..


..International Inspired ! Talents within..us !


! The Social Collective Foundation Plus in the Hunter, Meet up, meeting every 2 weeks, to, 10 to, 16, Weeks,..


..where we meet up, where we meet & greet in 2018. Depending on the vibe !


So What? Is ! The Social Collective Foundation Plus in the Hunter ! It's an open space, to share your talents, bring out the best in you! To find & Found inspiring Talents, plus tap into Secrets, also Solve problems.


A open space, a Collaberative of open minded Artists & Writer's, plus, inspire, each other. To, talk, about,


Bring forward & Positive, to Group, Network with others, an incentive, to solve, problems. We incourage you!


To be creative minds and Spectrum! Of Open, mind, to the creative World to think ! And Plus adapt, to each, New challenge.


We Support ! Your talents, encourage paticipation through a spectrum of open minds. Have your

Say? Opinion, any issue or let the team solve it.


To start with, we will meet up as Artisan's, Practicing Entertainers, Game Wizard's, Singer's, Comedians, Performing Artists, Wizards & Inspiring, Legends, Models, Machine or Robot technicians,

Musician's, Investors, Designers, Poets,


Master Chefs & chefs, Sculpter's, Graphic & New Artists, Technician Bloggers, Writers, Talented,

Jeweller's, Model's, International Creative's, Fashion & Dancer's, Investor's, Hair Blogger's,


Beginner Artist's, Reader's, Talented & Practicing, At math's, Creative & Technical, Coder's, Short story writer's & Creative writer's, Star gazer's, Painter's, Abstract & Contemporary,-Artist's, Speakers, Journalists, or, Free lancers,


All, level's & Beginner's, Intermediate, Welcome! Photographers, Artistic & Talented, World - Music & Instrumental, Inspired members and for any thing and every thing. Share our experiences and actually enjoy each other's company.


Building a thriving network of local writing bloggers, Artisan's and Creative World, or, may only, music Inspired, or, any one & All! With talent, members, or


Just come along, puts us all in a powerful position for new concepts and social media shares.


Share your open stories, be bolder, more creative, because we need to perform or express,

-ourselfs. To be or become more creative. Bring your ideas to life, because change is for the better!! Makes us stronger, better, happier, more creative person, more imaginative, humble, and positive.


Let's meet up, share ideas, hit us through, meet, at Small Bars, Night life, Underground, Aboveground,

Galleries, Expo's, Theatre, Movies, Espresso Bars, Concerts, Foodie, Festivals, Cocktail Bars & happy hour bars, Burger joints, Cafes & Restaurants, Patisserie's,


Chocolate Cafes, Pop up Restaurants, Tea Houses, pop up Cafe's, BBQ's, picnics, fruitluck pot luck, and More, plus hole's in wall's, barefoot beach walks, bird watching, frog watching and Craft Do Nut Cafe's.


We are a The Social Collective Group of Social minds, not a pic up, group, but you! may Meet, Miss, Diva or, Mister Right! Or, Miss Princess !


Who cares, if you! Are in the right place, in the right moment, it may happen.


Because when you are having fun, things, should happen. Also increase your " Social Circle of Friendship."

We encourage open participation, through Kindness & Gratitude.


We are for lovers of Art, or, Collecting Art, but, may only, not necesary, lovers of music, jazz, hip hop, Metal music, Dance music, soul music, and rap. Looking for randam, fun,


FUN! Goodtimes, and maybe excitement !


~ To Chat, about all things! About Art, writer's & the Artisan World, be positive, create & inspire each Other.


! Based in Newcastle,..


and Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens & Surrounds !


! Plus,Networking near-Gold Coast,-Nearby a venue, near you !


We want to expand, become stronger as a Community, means, better, out come. Ever, evolving, to make change, improvement, bigger, and more awsome.


Meet ups, are held regularly - please RSVP for the next one. Sum meet ups the Leadership

Team Crew should have a base ball, hat with meet up on it.


! Ages, mainly from, 40+,-30'ish to 50'ish' but No age Bracket, All Very! Welcome ! We do not Discriminate, must be over 18+ !


It's a brilliant, exciting tribe of New in Town & Expats. As English as a Second Language and Culture Exchange.


Fantastic team, of LGBTQI, Rainbow, friendly, of Like minded members,..


..building a community is one thing, but making friends is better,


Also making life friends is even better. So energise your self and come along.


Bring a notepad for easey understanding the Basics and Principles of, concepts and stories to yarn about.

So!! Let's think outside the box or step in side the box & become a talented team of individuals,

Creating new! Ideas! New Concepts ! New Principles, a modern Contempory Box of funnn,

Funsters, looking to expand ! & Step Up..!


~ I am, So! Inspired! & Grateful, Plus, Excited and Fabolous..to be taking Leadership on this one! From,

Bren Murphy..Please! Remember, Nothing is "free" - But, ..May only be Marked Free!!..the Notion ! Is Quaint! And out Dated! For Freebies..Any exchange of value requires an exchange of value - and attracting a Freebie crowd is, quite bluntly, not productive.

~ I cherish committed, enthusiastic & The Instant Friendly, Members. Who value what they offer as much as what they are getting. You'll understand this as a participant and member.


Badges can be purchased, are compulsory at $5.00 Dollars each, or if not, meet up is marked { free } Money raised goes to meet up fees, advertising, administration fees, any money left goes to members pocket such as

Vouchers,-Movie Vouchers, or maybe Massage Treatments for that Special Members, plus, cash back to members, plus freebies to hand out.


No money raised goes to hosts or organiser, basically, to pay fees & benefit members, behalf. This group, is A Foundation to pay for fees and benefit members, only, meet up. For non-commercial gain, ( to benefit,

Members,-Only. )


Join me, and RSVP let's meet up, so we can get your New Talents, started the right way from the very



We are a Now! A Private Group of Clear members who show clear frontal photo. VIP friendly. Please up load a clear photo, ( Individual Photo ) ( clear frontal visual view image ) for other members and hosts. No, nudity, no smilies, no comics,

No cats or pets, or blanks. Sum, Zoom inns ok, or half selfies ok, sum helmets ok,-


**Reminder that members who ( in active ) around ( in past few days ) may be under review for ( Individual photo or personal photo. )

Photo. Show, -Close Up, ( Frontal, Clear, Visual, Real-Life, Reconisable, Current, Individual,-Photo

Of Yourself )....

**As sum members may, Only be declined at Event Organisers, Vip plans at Private Group. As members may only be deleted at Organisers own advance.


Members, for members who not attend meet ups for Vip friendly meet up at Verify Private Group.

We need 10, to, 14, to, 16 members per meet up, or Event will be post-poned. With equal, numbers of

Ladies to men. Per equal, numbers or meet up, may be post poned.


At Vip Exclusive group capped at Limited spaces and for Vip members. Limited to 700 members.


So awesome, get off, your butt, Start, hosting a meet up, in your area, today, tonight, or, for Coffee, or, Brunch,-Or Morning Tea..! or Hey..! Afternoon tea..! Sounds great..!


~ Chill,-By the beach,-Scooter it,-Bicycle it,-Catch a wave,-Skate in,-Walk it,-Wind Surf it,-Paddle inn,

-Surf it,-Just get their,-Or just be their,-

**Other Sister Websites are,- @at http://www.instantfriendsplus.com/ & @at http://www.newcastlecoffeegroupmeetup.com/


Look forward to meeting with you, -Craig,-


**If feeling Complacent, text, Craig, before meet up, on, meetup board.


Team Organiser Craig..should have meet up, badge, in Red & White,-Also badge Craig on it,-


A Former Pro Meet Up Organiser, Team Builder,-Social Media Networker,-Team Leader,-

~ Many, opportunities, await, each, member, by, interaction, between, each, member,

The list is greater, and getting bigger, so, start, networking TODAY!..

~ To enrich, engage, A supportive...Community!..A happy Lifestyle!..Of individuals..

To work together and share, sum, Time!..Together..



**I have met sum amazing members, & Continue to offer my Friendly Meet ups to members, behalf.

~ Duration of meet up, depends from 1hr to 2hr and a half, depends, on Venue and Itinerary.

Or, just stay, a bit, or leave, early, sum, come an hour late, or 5 minutes at end of meet up.

~ No experience, necessary, but, a desire, to improve, Don't, put, yourself Down!..Your,-

Worthwhile, individual's, person...Don't be shy, because, we are all, are, a bit, Step!..

Outside, our comfort zone..We are all, here, for each other...To Seek!..find,..

meet & Greet...


~ Members, that hide What? Groups their in, may be removed from group, for Private group, at Vip ratings. So you must show What? Groups your in.


Like our Facebook page and like us and follow us at http://www.facebook.com/SocialCollectivePlusNewcastle.net.au/about/


Or like our home page at @at https://www.facebook.com/unofficialCAOoceaniabluietrublue.com.au/about/


**Make sure, you! Update, your profile Introduction, for better, participation and so, we can find you! Helps every body find out, about you!

~ If you have an idea, for A Event or next Venue, Suggestion's, let's make it happen. Or, just, come,



**+ And after you! Attended a meet up, please! Give us, back, & Advice, By, doing- 4 things, Preferably,

Within 12 to 24hrs, 1/-Give, it a Star Rating, then,.. 2/-Write, a few, dozen, words, about the meet up,

After each meet up, then, 3/-Post, photo's if you can,.. 4/-Write, A group, review, ( This you! Don't, have to, do, after, each meet up ) The more input from members, the Better, for ALL ! So Praise, or, critisize, creatively and honestly,..So far..We have not..Censored or Deleted..Anybody..Yet.**


**As we are a Private Group of Vip Members, run for Members behalf, a Network Media Group, of budding Artists & Collective Artists. At Vip Events at Event Organiser only run group. As Organiser can delete any one

At own dimise.**Promoting positive outcomes for members behalf**So join our other Sister Groups**

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